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Dfitnutrition - Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor/Nutrition Coach. Weight Loss/Weigh Gain Expert, Roscrea, Tipperary.

My name is Dolores .  I started my fitness journey in 2011.  I began with a weight loss goal in mind and succeeded to lose 3 stone in a year. 

This was achieved by cardio training.  I then had an interest in weight training which I began in early 2012.  At the time I was quite slim and my goal was to become more toned and build muscle.

I continued to keep cardio as part of my training and this is when HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training) was becoming popular.  I then wanted to build more muscle so reduced my cardio and added in more weight training sessions.

I am a qualified Fitness Instructor.  Personal Trainer and have qualified as a Nutrition coach.

My goal is to help both males and females of all ages to become a healthier version of themselves.

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