nakoo.net is a social media marketing platform that provides small businesses with almost every online tool they will need for an incredibly affordable cost. 

It provides the following:

  • A professional content rich webpage that is very easy to update
  • Unique domain for no extra cost
  • Fantastic visibility on Search Engines (SEO)
  • An Online Shop with a secure payment gateway
  • An online payment system to take payments for services or products
  • Built in social media tools
  • Networking with other Businesses
  • Networking with Customers
  • Free product listing

The webpage, online shop, classifieds and network can be used as a stand alone online presence but also benefit greatly from being integrated in the overall platform - every post, new product and every save also appears on the home page of the overall platform and are thereby visible to the hundreds of thousands of visitors to the site each year. 

In summary, nakoo.net offers advantages that can never be gained from having a single stand alone website or online shop.

  This product includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from - www.maxmind.com

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Nakoo Network Manager

Nakoo Network Manager

Nakoo Network Manager

Products & services

The Webpage

For businesses that need a quick and inexpensive webpage that will help them get found on search engines, nakoo is the best option possible.

To view an example, type www.martinamcateer.com to see a full webpage which includes an online shop, classifieds and a network section that displays other social media channels such as facebook, instagram and pinterest all in one location.

Each business owner is given a login and can make any changes to their site without any webdesign knowledge and with a minimum amount of computer skills.

UpdatesEach time a business makes any change to their page, the business gets promoted across the entire site including on the home page.

This is essentially an extra bonus for keeping the page fresh.

Online Shop

A full feature online shop with a secure payment gateway that is fast and easy to set up and is also easy to use from a customer point of view.

The shop and each of its products can be promoted across the entire platform and each new product appears on the home page of the overall platform as well as in the network profile of the shop owner leading to fantastic exposure and cross selling opportunities.

Products & services

Product Listing -  Listing all your products is a free option available to existing nakoo business members, for those businesses who do not want a full online shop it is possible to list all available products which then become visible to google and to nakoo users.

A link from their main page takes a customer to a space in the products section dedicated to that business only, the products are also visible in the general products page, thereby increasing their exposure exponentially.

Networking - The Social and Business Networking section facilitates the following services:

Business Networking - nakoo businesses can network with each other using the networking section.

Customer Network - a business can use the network to increase their interaction with customers and thus build their customer relationships

Employee Network- a business with remote workers can use the network as an online workspace where they can interact with their employees each day and where their employees can interact with each other for support and information

Community Network- community groups and clubs can use the networking section to post information and interact with their members.

Products & services


Nakoo membership provides a mobile enabled, easy to update full website with its own domain, high visibility on Google, product listing, an online shop, networking opportunities and tools, a customer interaction function on the site and customer interaction and updates on a mobile app.

All this for €100 per year plus a once off cost of €85 to create the site and an extra €50 for an online shop. 

This represents value not seen anywhere else.

Products & services