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Welcome Thermo-Solar specializing in Thermodynamic Solar Panels installations based in Co, Tipperary, Ireland.

The Thermodynamic Solar Panel renewable energy system is a very efficient process for providing 100% hot water in homes, farms and businesses throughout Ireland.  This hot water solar Panel will work in all weather conditions therefore thermodynamic solar panels are suited to the Irish climate and do not depend on sunshine alone.

The Thermodynamic Solar Panel System works by extracting heat from the atmosphere and is constantly generating hot water during the day and night, in sunshine, rain, wind, frost, snow and all weather conditions providing 100% hot water 365 days of the year.  It can be faced in nearly all orientations unlike your traditional solar panel.  All this means that there is no longer any need for you to heat your hot water using the deadly 3 which are the Immersion, Oil or Gas.  Thermodynamic Solar renewable energy can also help address the requirements of Part L building regulations for new builds. 

Install Thermodynamic Solar Panels and enjoy hot water all year round. Thermodynamic solar panels are the next generation of solar panels and the future of hot water today. This modern system will produce hot water in every weather condition and will decrease your energy bills significantly. Installation takes less than one day with little or no disturbance to family life or business routines.

We install Thermodynamic Solar Panels in Tipperary, Kilkenny, Carlow, Laois, Offaly, Waterford, Cork, Limerick with other counties considered.

Thermodynamic Solar Panels - At last we have 100% hot water.

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Thermodynamic Solar Panels works day and night and in all weather conditions.  Think of your fridge cooling down but in this case it heats up.  Refrigerant fluid circulates through the Thermodynamic Solar Panels and absorbs heat/energy from the Air ambiance. This increases the temperature and promptly changes the liquid to a gas. The gas passes through an E-Box (which is now made in Ireland), the temperature forms into a hot gas which then flows through a heat exchanger which transfers the heat into the water.  This water is heated to 55 degrees guaranteed and can be used for all your hot water needs.

THE Benefits: 

Thermodynamic solar panels are constantly working to provide you with 100% hot water at 55 degrees.  They work in all weather conditions unlike your traditional solar panel.  They provide a 24 hour service and works all year around. One panel is all that’s required for a home with up to 6 people.  Installed in less than one day causing no disruption to your home or business.  They are maintenance free and cuts out the use of your immersion, oil or gas. They are long lasting and robust with a life span of 25- 30 years. 

  • These systems come with 10 year warranties and you do not need to change your existing cylinder.

Thermodynamic Solar Panels are suitable for the Part L building regulation and adds significant BER value to the building.

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Thermodynamic Solar technology is a renewable energy and considered the future of hot water today.  This innovating and exciting technology not only reduces your energy bills but also reduces your carbon footprint.

The Panel: The energy panel is an aluminium black solar collector. It is robust, durable, sleek in look, and unobtrusive. The aluminium powder coated panel is resistant to salt air and does not rust over time.   It can be placed easily on your roof or mounted on a wall.  It is highly robust and maintenance free and has a resistance to corrosion and to the most adverse weather conditions. It can be placed facing South, East, west or any orientation in between.  The panel weighs only 8kg which means you do not have to alter your roof. The size of the panel is 1800mm X 800mm and has a life span of 25 to 30 years. It absorbs heat from the air using the refrigeration process (Gas).

What it offers: 100% hot water 365 days of the year ~ Cuts out the deadly 3, Immersion, Oil & Gas ~ works in all weather conditions ~ Operates a 24 hour service day & night ~ No maintenance required ~ Attractive warranties.

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 Components & the process:

The Thermodynamic panel is designed to allow the refrigeration gas to come in contact with the ambient air temperature so that it can evaporate and enter the compressor in the Green E-Pack box as a vapour/gas.

The E-Pac box consists of the main components of this modern technology system and it is here that the heat is generated and transferred to the water within the cylinder. Once the gas is compressed and the temperature is raised, the gas is passed through a heat exchanger which transfers the heat to water which is then circulated through the heat exchanger by a circulating pump. The water which has been heated by the Refrigeration gas in the heat exchanger is circulated through the coil in your cylinder, heating the water to 55°C.

Take note:  The E-Pac Box can be fitted to  copper ~ enamelled or stainless steel cylinders but they must be insulated properly.  The visiting agent will need to carry out a small site survey on your cylinder and orientation.

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  • 10 year warranty on all Thermodynamic Solar Panels.
  • 5 year warranty on all Thermodynamic E-Pac Box.
  • Highly robust and reliable.
  • Long life span.
  • No Annual maintenance required.

 Our team of engineers and S.E.A.I qualified installers are committed to providing a high quality after sales service giving you the customer peace of mind on the quality and performance of the Thermodynamic Solar Panel.

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If you’re looking for a clean alternative for your hot water needs then it would be a wise move to give some thought to Thermodynamic Solar Panels.  This fantastic renewable energy technology is now starting to gather momentum throughout Ireland and perfectly compatible to the Irish environment.

These innovative modern systems are a huge injection to the renewable energy market.  There are a number of reasons why every home and business should have this system installed, number 1 being, it gives you 100% hot water at 55 degrees 365 days of the year working during the day and night.

Suitable applications:  Existing homes ~ New builds (Part L) ~ Dairy Farms ~ Guesthouses ~ Nursing homes ~ Dry cleaners ~ Delicatessens ~ Butchers ~ Restaurants ~ Dog grooming parlours ~ Equine training facilities ~ and many more commercial businesses.

--The Part L of the Building Regulations--

“The conservation of fuel and energy”

We can provide you with expert information and advice on how to pass your Part L of the building regulations, which was brought into effect recently in Ireland so basically new home seekers can afford the house choice, build it to a high standard and achieve an "A" rating in energy efficiency and reducing the carbon foot–print.

We can offer you the perfect solution to the Part L of the Building Regulations using renewable energy contributions.  The new Part L regulations takes in the conservation of energy and fuels and your new build must be designed and built to ensure a high quality level of energy performance, limiting the daily, monthly and yearly amount of energy which operates the new build.

While there is many categories in Part L we can in no doubt help you with the supply and installation of Renewable Energy products that help the homeowner pass the minimum Renewable Energy Contribution as part of the Part L Building Regulations.

This reasonable proportion of the energy consumption in a new build is quantified as the following:

  • 10 kWh/m2/annum contributing to energy use for domestic hot water heating, space heating or cooling.
  • Or 4 kWh/m2/annum of electrical energy;
  • or A combination of these which would have equivalent effect.

Don't panic and go reaching for calculators and BER Assessment files as we provide calculations, design and fit a system that will perfectly fit requirements based on your individual new build.  This service of calculating your requirements and offering advice is free by our BER assessor and engineer so why not avail of it.  Remember every house is designed different so the system design may differ from house to house which means its not a “one size fits all” scenario.

What do we use:

Firstly let me say, for your information, the traditional solar evacuated tubes and solar flat plates are not wise choices as they are not cooperative with the Irish weather climate and only give 50% to 60% functionality, where as the Thermodynamic Solar Panels guarantees 100% hot water, day & night and in ALL WEATHER CONDITIONS.  

The Hybrid System: We install Thermodynamic Solar Panels & Photovoltaic Solar Panels. This is our Hybrid system. These two technologies working together will guarantee that you have 100% free hot water 365 days per year in all weather conditions and the Photovoltic system will generate enough electricity to cancel out any electricity costs.  This Hybrid package ensures that your investment is constantly working for your home every day of the year.  This system can not be over looked. 

The Hybrid package provides:

Hot water in all weather conditions, day & night ~ Free Electricity ~ Free Hot Water ~ Pass Part L Renewable Energy Contribution Regulations.

With the two mentioned renewable technologies involved, the overall cost for you will be 50% less than the total cost of an Air Source pump or a Geothermal Heat Pump.

The price of our hybrid package is vastly competitive in comparison to the traditional Solar Panels you see facing South on a building and it is now well known that the traditional solar panel is not compatible to the Irish climate. 

Feel free to contact us with your house plans and questions and we guarantee a very attractive quotation with excellent technical assistance and attractive warranties.

--Dairy Farms--

Many dairy farmers try to improve their margins and cut energy costs by putting a conventional solar hot water system in place but these systems such as the traditional solar panel or evacuated tubes are not compatible with the Irish climate and will only heat the water in the milking parlour to 50%/60% and the immersion will be needed to get it the rest of the way.  

Enter the Thermodynamic Solar Panel System which will heat the farm water in the milking parlour cylinder to 55 degrees at all times, day & night and in all weather conditions, yes that’s right even in frost or snow or rainy over cast days.  Once installed you will only need your immersion on 30 to 40 minutes a night to get your water heated to the required heat.  Think of the savings you are making here.

These modern hot water systems are an efficient system for your dairy needs and backed up with the immersion for the mentioned 30 to 40 minutes a night it can heat the water to a required heat to deal with the bacteria issues.

  • Thermodynamic Solar Panel energy can be used in agriculture in a number of ways, saving money, increasing self-reliance, and reducing carbon footprint.
  • Installed in less than a day with no disturbance to your milking routine.  

Tom Russell 

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  • What is the difference between Thermodynamic Solar Panels and Solar Tubes and Flat Plate Solar Panels

The Thermodynamic Solar Panel can provide hot water in all weather conditions 365 days per year ~ Does not rely on sunshine alone ~ Can be fitted on South, East or West facing orientations on a roof or wall or any orientation in between ~ Maintenance Free ~ No back up required.

  • Does the Thermodynamic Solar Panel need to be placed on a roof?

No. It can also be mounted on a wall.

  • Does the installation take long?

Installed in one day.

  • Is there disruption to my home?

There is minimum disruption to your home or your business and you will have hot water on the same day once installed.

  • How do we find out more about the system?

Just ring the numbers provided and one of our agents will book a time that's convenient to call to see you.  You will be fully informed with all relevant information during the consultation.

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  •  Does the Thermodynamic Solar System require a back up heating system?

No. This system will operate in all weather conditions and will guarantee you hot water 365 days per year.

  • What are the dimensions of the Thermodynamic Solar Panel?

The panel is 1.8 metres in width and 0.8 metres in height. 

  • Is it possible to ring to other customers for chat?

Yes of course.  We would be delighted to get you in contact with previous customers in your area.

  • Has my roof to be altered or reinforced?

No. As the panel only weighs 8kg it can be fixed securely to the roof without any need to alter or take up slates/tiles. 

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Contact us for more information.

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All in all they are very different to the evacuated tube and flat panels we are all see sitting on a South facing roof.  They work during the day and at night.  They do not need the heat of the sun alone to function as they work on the ambience of the air and they generate ample hot water all year around.  They give 100% of your hot water needs and after your initial capitol investment you basically have FREE hot water for the rest of your life.

They are fully SEAI certified and installed by highly trained and qualified installers. The panels are perfect for the Irish weather and can be installed as heating systems for homes, dairy farms and all other commercial businesses.

All agents are professional, honest, courteous and their job is to fully inform you about all the relevant information and more concerning this fantastic product the “Thermodynamic Solar Panel”

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Also Available:

Photovoltaic Panels = (P.V.)

A Solar Photovoltaic Panel aka from the rays of the Sun to create the power of electricity and can positivly help to reduce your electricity bills.  Don't be put off by reading it needs the rays of the Sun, a correctly engineered system will continue to power electricity even on over cast cloudy days.

The five factors that will impact how much energy/electricity a P.V. system will generate:

  1. The efficiency of the panel.
  2. the Photovoltaic array.
  3. The latitude of the location is important.
  4. The orientation of the panels.
  5. How they are mounted such as the angle and the amount of shade that may cover the panels.

 How do they Work?

This technology are made up of photons, and when it hits the semi-conductor metal of the PV panel, electrons are then released; these electrons in turn will form a direct current. 

The three main elements:

  • Which are an array of solar P.V. modules.
  • An inverter or inverters (electronic device for converting DC electricity)(Also performs safety functions)
  • cables, display and switch-gear
  • The output of the inverter:
  • Connects to the fuse box.
  • Feeds Solar electricity into the buildings

Your home appliances will use the free electric and any surplus energy will be exported back to the grid.

For your information most solar P.V. panel systems are connected to the grid. The electricity created is fed directly into (and synchronised with) a building’s existing mains supply.  The P.V. may generate more energy than is required in the home, farm or business, so the surplus energy will be exported out into the grid.​

Together with our Thermodynamic Solar Panel system our engineers can customise a hybrid system to help you pass the regulations of Part L new build regulations and undoubtedly help you make significant savings and reduce your Carbon Footprint.

 Electric Limescale Prevention Systems:

Info will be available soon.