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Peache (Amsdan B/R)

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Peach Amsden

Form: Bareroot (Potted trees in stock soon)

Size: Semi Dwarf, eventually reaching between 6ft - 9ft

Nearly all peaches are self fertile however they benefit from hand pollination also.
Peach Amsdan is an An American-bred white dessert peach variety, Peach and offers fruits when grown outside and has the great advantage in Ireland of ripening very early.

Grows best in warmer areas, trained against a warm wall outside. People aslo grow Peach Amsdan in a greenhouse or containerised in a Polytunnel.
The tree is moderately vigorous and yields aren’t high.  What you do get is very delicious. Some resistance to peach leaf-curl, but outdoor crops should be protected from rain in winter and early spring, and hand-pollinated.

Site: Warm, sheltered
Soil: Any fertile, well drained soil
*Position: Full sun essential
Pick: Early-mid July
Keep: Eat as soon as ripe
Hardiness: Hardy
Pollination: Self-fertile
Uses: Eating, cooking

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