2ltr Oak Ageing Barrel

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2ltr Oak Barrel

This is most popular purchased barrel especially for gifts and people experimenting with cocktails.  These barrels are the very same as the bigger barrels/vats found in distilleries .  The only difference is these are smaller and works more rapidly.  If you are ordering a barrel just for display please go to the non ageing barrels on this site.

  • Handcrafted by a professional Cooper.  Comes with a rest, spigot, bung, funnel & barrel wax

Funnel:  To avoid spillage wink

Barrel wax: Your best friend.  Helps to seal leaks on barrel

NOTE 1: It is advised to purchase a cleaning & maintenance kit with barrel.  

All barrels need to be cured on delivery by filling with hot water. You can use a neutral spirit or whatever you are aging in the barrel but this is costly.  Go with the Hot water.

Note 2: All barrels are handmade to order so lead time time depends on volume of orders at this time.  We will advise you of lead time on purchase and keep all customers up to date with the progress of their order.

Note 3: If you require an image on your barrel you must have it on a correct format i.e PDF Vector style etc. If you don't and we don't have the image on file. We charge an extra €20.00 to draw it up however this drawing is now yours for future projects.

Note 4: Do NOT fill with the intended contents until you are certain there are no leaks and the spigot is not dripping.

Please send image to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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