30ltr Oak Barrel

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 The big boys barrel.  A barrel of fun is this one.  If you are ordering a barrel just for display please make note in the "Type Function of Barrel" space.

Handcrafted by a professional Cooper.  Comes with a rest, spigot and bung.

We also include the following: 

Funnel:  To avoid spillage wink

Tasting Cups: To taste the difference every week

Campton Tabs: Use when storing away (Will need to be topped up if storing for long periods of time)

Citric Acid: To clean interior and you can also add when storing away

Oxysan: This sterilize the barrel before you reuse after storing away

Barrel wax: Your best friend.  Helps to seal leaks on barrel

NOTE: All of above can be purchased here online if you run out

All barrels need to be cured on delivery by filling with hot water. You can use a neutral spirit or whatever you are aging in the barrel but this is costly.  Go with the Hot water.

Note: All barrels are handmade to order so lead time time depends on volume of orders at this time.  We will advise you of lead time on purchase and keep all customers up to date with the progress of their order.

Note: We cannot engrave the 30ltr

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