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Deluxe Membership

Our DeLuxe membership is simply the best value in Ireland today, not only gives you our hugely popular business webpage which has everything to get you online and get that telephone ringing, and our successful SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) keywords and your long-tail keywords that will ensure that your products and services are found online, but you also have appointment bookings which can free your time up trying to keep your diary up to date, you can also get your different services or products listed so customers can see at a glance what you have to offer.

You also get Appointment Booking where you can take your customer booking, this will save you time, and of course, money, as you can be working and not spending time trying to book customers in, while you may be driving or at a job site.

Our DeLuxe membership also gives you an Online Payment System, of course, it goes without saying that taking banking and credit card fees and charges out of your expenses will not only make it easier for you to sell your products or book your service jobs but also save €€€ on credit card machine fees.

If our DeLuxe membership wasn't already great value with the above benefits such as appointment booking and customer payment gateway, but on top, you will have a Full Online Shop where all of your products are listed.

When you take out a page, you also get a related content backlink to your website or social media pages, giving you a high-quality credible backlink from our platform which has related and associated quality content to help give your pages higher rankings.

How can becoming a member of help your business?

Boost credibility and trust

A listing on is a sign of a trustworthy business.

Increased visibility and awareness

A listing can massively improve your chances of getting your brand in front of new clients. works like your own business development manager

Make local business connections

Business directories build supportive communities. New and established businesses on can connect with other companies and become part of a nationwide network You can find and interact with people offering complimentary services. You’ll gain referrals and benefit from mutual support.

Social media support showcases all new members on our social media platforms and this will ensure exposure. Our Directory has a community of more than 10k on Facebook and Instagram, which is a free bonus to members.  Every week the business that has the most integration on our Facebook page gets a FULL week of exposure on the cover page of our Facebook page giving our businesses vital exposure to our social media community.

An affordable way to advertise

Marketing can be an expensive investment, particularly for SMEs. offer tiered membership packages and renewal membership fees.

How our business network can help your business?

Contributors Groups.

These are groups run by businesses providing advice and support to network members. Very often these businesses will also offer discounted prices for members if they hire them for a service not provided by the network.

Each business should join and post a short note about the services/product they offer. They may also post a question.

As other business set up their groups, we will make sure each business is joined.

The Business Network

Referral Friday - each Friday businesses will be encouraged to pass on the business to other businesses on the site. The concept is that if you are seen to pass on work to others, then others will pass on work to you in the hope that you will pass on some to them, etc. An example of this is a roofer knows of someone looking for a quote from a landscaper and posts this on the site, the landscapers are then very inclined to return the favour and others also see this and want to be part of it also

General Discussions  - introductions, connections with other businesses, etc – being a member of this group allows you to contact other businesses directly for introductions or information about their area etc.

Promote your own Services/Products – businesses can post special offers or new products/services. This must not be used to spam others, posts should be real and significant offers or of real interest. Non-stop posting as is often done on social media sites will not be allowed.

Join the Group Buying Club

This group will allow businesses to sign up for discounts from providers of various products/services. The first of these are being negotiated and will be discounted insurance including business insurance, home insurance, and vehicle insurance.

Business owners will also be able to suggest products or services that could be included and we will attempt to negotiate group rates for these.

If a business has a product or service that they are willing to discount and make available to all members, this can be included as one of the group buying offers.





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