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Abrasive Wheels

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Abrasive Wheels

This Abrasive Wheels Training Course is aimed at providing operators with the skills and knowledge required to safely operate a machine which uses abrasive wheels for cutting and/or grinding operations. This is an assessed course which will enable the learner to understand the principles of abrasive wheels, understand the possible hazards and manage health and safety. The learner will be able to select the appropriate wheel for the job and safely operate and maintain an abrasive wheel machine.

Abrasive Wheels Course Objectives: 

  • Identify the health and safety requirements for abrasive wheel operation
  • Carry out a risk assessment and implement control measures
  • Understand the legislative requirements and responsibilities of abrasive wheel operations
  • Understand the characteristics of abrasives and their uses
  • Understand and interpret the marking system of abrasive wheels
  • Understand how to handle and store abrasive wheels
  • Understand how to select and check abrasive wheels before use
  • Understand and identify what speeds should be adhered to in wheel selection
  • Identify the main components and understand their functions
  • Mount an abrasive wheel and /or a diamond wheel
  • Understand the difference between truing and dressing a wheel (bench grinders)
  • Dress a wheel and identify dressers (bench grinders)


  • Precautions Against hazards
  • Handling, Storage and Transportation
  • Marking Syste
  • Components and Assembly
  • Ring Test
  • Wheel Mounting
  • Truing and Dressing
  • Adjustment of work rests and guards
  • Legislation
  • Safe Work Practice


  • Hand held engine driven disc cutter/Consaw
  • Bench mounted grinder
  • Hand held electric driven grinder/disc cutter

Duration: The course is a half day

Course Assessment: Theory and Practical Examination

Course Certification: Abrasive wheels Certificate valid for 3 years

Cost: €65 per participant

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