Safe Hands First Aid Training Cork

Safehands first aid training teaches you how to deal with medical emergencies that arise outside of the hospital setting.

First Aid is the first act of help from a bystander before the medical services arrive, anyone can learn First Aid and take part in classes. Everyone should know something, for example The first few minutes in a cardiac arrest are critical and this is when help is needed to give the person the best chance of survival.

All  First aid certificates are valid for 2 years, 


This is a 3 hour class where people learn how to perform high quality  cpr and use the defibrillator, This basic knowledge can give a person in cardiac arrest a better chance of survival. you will also learn how to deal with choking of adult child and infant

This course is certified   FEE 60 euro



This is a one day class where people learn how to perform high quality cpr and use the defibrillator. you also learn how to deal with choking.You will learn how to deal with someone with a head and spinal injury. bleeding and burns(This course can have adjustments to your preference) if you must have a topic includes e.g asthma  this can be included

This course is certified FEE 100 EURO


Paediatric First Aid

This is a 4 hour course dealing with children and babies. This course deals with paediatric cpr and defibrillation, choking ,poisoning,burns and scalds, meningiti,s injury management

this course is certified FEE  80 euro



This is a 5 hour course, you learn the skills of  high quality cpr and defibrillation on adult child and infant,choking of adult child and infant, heart attack and aspirin  administration and stroke recognition management

this course is certified FEE 90 euro



This is a  3 day course. this course is  phecc  accredited by Medicore Medical Services and is valid for 2 years, this course has replaced the occupational first aid. 

This course contains all the elements of Basic first aid and includes many topics that you may need in everyday life

  • high quality CPR and defibrillation adult child and infant
  • choking of adult child and infant
  • heart attack and aspirin administration
  • stroke recognition and care
  • patient assessment
  • head injuries and spinal injuries
  • heat and cold emergencies
  • bleeding and injury management
  • musculoskeletal injuries
  • burns
  • wellbeing of the first aider.

FEE 225 euro


First aid Responder Refresher(phecc certified by Medicore Medical Service R.I)

This is a refresher course for the  FAR certificate. in order to complete this refresher  you must have a current copy of your last certificate. Refreshers need to take place before you last certificate has expired, Otherwise you will have to take the 3 day course again.

all the same elements of the FAR are included int his course.

FEE 180 euro

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Noreen Mahoney

Noreen Mahoney

Noreen Mahoney

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First Aid Training brought to a location near you.

If you are looking for a First aid course  near you please contact noreen on 086 8986014 

by email on nsafehands@outlook.com or facebook on www.facebook.com.  safehands first aid training noreen mahoney 086 8986014

courses can be delivered in a location near you.

  • in the workplace 
  • one to one in the home.
  • discussion groups
  • baby talks 

please also check my facebook page for any new courses coming up

Products & services

Our classes range from

  • Basic cpr training.
  • Cardiac first Responder community courses (CFR).
  • Basic first aid courses.
  • First aid Responder course(Far)( Phecc Accredited by Medicore Medical services)
  • Pediatric first aid courses.
  • Discussion groups.
  • Cpr and defibrillation courses.
  • FAR refresher courses.( PHECC Accredited by Medicore Medical Services)

All of our courses are certified and valid for 2 years.

You do not have to be a medical professional to administer first aid and in some cases this is the first assistance that is given to any casualty of an injury or illness, which is then followed by professional help and then onto hospital. 

Products & services

Products & services

Products & services