Blinded in the Dark, Searching for the Light

Blinded in the Dark, Searching for the Light

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Damian Mitchell posted a new announcement3 years ago


Our first book launch will take place in Steeples in Nenagh on Saturday 25th March

Blinded in the Dark, Searching for the Light

What time is the launch starting Damian

Damian Mitchell Hi, Valerie, It starts at 3 pm. 3 years ago
Damian Mitchell added a new event to Blinded in the Dark, Searching for the Light group 3 years ago

Book Launch

The Book Launch is being held in Steeples book and more, on the 25th or March at 3 pm. All are welcome, refreshments will be served on the day.

  • Saturday, 25 March 2017 03:00 PM
  • Nenagh

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Hi Valerie, On this occasion my wife was sitting on the sofa in the living room folding clothes and my daughter was coloring at the table in the kitchen. My daughter got down from the table and made her way to my wife walking backwards, my wife...

Good luck with the book launch on Saturday Damian

Damian, what was the scariest experience for you and your family

Here is a link to understanding more about how we are affected

Some ancestors only want to fulfill their unfulfilled desires, these ancestors are selfish and not good, but other ancestors that have passed may want help to move on in the afterlife and they will just create obstacles in a descendants life to get...

The SSRF explain that ancestral spirits are not looking to harm their descendants. The two reasons why ancestors affect their descendants is to either to fulfill their old desires i.e. gambling or to get help to move on in the afterlife.

Hi Damian, I have browsed your site and read some of your book exerpts but I am a bit doubtful about ancestral spirits, are we talking about some evil great grandfather or have I got it wrong