Range of Hiking/Walking Sticks

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Price: 55 Eur
Contact Seamus Barry - irishramblingcrafts@hotmail.com


Hiking / Walking Sticks

A range of hiking/walking sticks to suit all walkers from the casual walker to the serious hill walker. I use hazel, holly, ash, blackthorn and horse chestnut. Each stick is carefully selected from  a renewable source and is naturally dried for two years before work begins on the stick.


Various hand pieces can be used, ie deer antler, cow horn, buffalo horn, ram horn and various timber.


I can personalise the stick to suit the clients requirement, ie a coin of your birth year, wildlife pewters, fishing fly, compass, a medal from the client, client’s name inscription, the list is endless.  Sticks are fitted with a copper or rubber ferrule and a lanyard cord can be fitted if required . 


Drombane, Thurles, Co. Tipperary


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