Tipperary & Kerry Driveway Gravel Mix (14mm)

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Tipperary & Kerry Driveway Gravel Mix (14mm)

This new product is ready for ordering now and adds a bit of character to your driveway ! It's the old reliable Tipperary Gravel mainly with a little sprinkle of purple gravel. The result is a perfect mix and a light colour that looks it's best when wet! Which is most of the time!

If you are using it on a driveway, we recommend that you apply the Tipperary Sandstone Driveway Gravel & Pebble holding dust first & then sprinkle the Tipperary & Kerry Gravel Driveway mix over this. Once the Tipperary & Kerry Gravel is packed into the dust, you will not have a problem with the gravel moving under bicycles, wheelchairs , buggys etc.


Colour: Mainly biscuit with a light purple mix.

Packaging : Bulk Bag

Size ; 14mm

Coverage : Approx 12 to 15 m2 per bulk bag.

Delivery ; Extra.






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