Channel Stream TV - Smart TV Box, Clare,Tipperary, Ireland

Channel Stream TV - Smart TV Box, Clare,Tipperary, Ireland

  • Based in Co.Clare, Channel Stream TV sells Satellite free to Air and Android  TV Boxes throughout Ireland and the UK.

    What can you watch from our TV boxes

    With our Satellite free to Air TV boxes you get a very good selection of TV channels.We can supply you with Recording Boxes are non recording boxes,You will need a Satellite dish and a Minimum  of 2 megabites download speed to use these boxes.If you are looking for a TV box in which you just need internet and pay once,We have a good choice of Android boxes depending on your budget for once off  payment! No monthly/yearly bills ever.  So not only will you have the one of the best TV devices in the world ….You’ll save a heap of money too.

    You can watch Live TV anywhere, no need for aerials or satellite dishes. You can watch Sports channels from every country in the world, Movies, TV Series, Documentaries, Kids channels, Music and much much more. All that is needed for these boxes is an internet connection of 5 megabites and higher and a hdmi port on your TV.

    Here’s just a small list of some popular channels available on either choice of our TV boxes

    UK TV channels including BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, E4, 5 USA, 5 USA, Channel 5, Dave, Pick TV, Yesterday. CBBC/BBC Three, CBEEBIES/BBC Four , BBC News, Really, BBC Ireland, Filmon, Viva, 4 Music CBS Reality, CBS Drama, Irish TV channels, Movies,  and more!

    Too many to even name! All these channels will be condensed into a user friendly format and all are on demand meaning you can watch whatever you want, whenever you want in a matter of seconds.

    They also actually turn your TV into a smart TV,From the oldest box TV up to the newest flatscreen . So you’ll be able to browse the web directly from your telly!

    To use our boxes it’s simply just plug & play, we do the installation before it’s sent out to you so it’ll be ready to go instantly.

    Delivery Charges - There are no delivery charges for our products.

    We use Fastway courier  next business day service with free shipping for all orders in Ireland and UK.Delivery charges are on the price of each product in our online shop..There is no limit to the number of items you can order.

    We deliver to anywhere Worldwide to any country.

    Any orders placed before 2 PM weekdays are usually dispatched the same day (unless stated otherwise on the product page) with overnight delivery which would normally be delivered to you the next business day.

  • Why Buy a Smart TV Box

    Stop paying ridiculous prices to your TV providers for repeats over and over every week, you won’t believe the amount you can watch on these smart TV boxes.

     Don’t take my word for it - check it out for yourselves, seeing is believing - easy set up, just plug and play and never have to watch a repeat again.

    Order today and receive next working day, if you are still paying your TV provider you must be in love with them because why else would you throw so much money to them for so little.


    There are a number of devices you can use to control your smart TV box, all these devices can be found on our online shop, simply click on the Online Shop link above.

    RT-MWK10 Bluetooth

    The device shown is a 2 in 1 keyboard and mouse. built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This little addition to your Android collection is essential for free range use of moving between websites or TV shows

    Installation - Plug the Smart TV Box to the mains, connect the HDMI cable (supplied) to your TV, connect the Smart TV Box to your internet by either wireless or Ethernet (Ethernet cable not supplied) then select the programmes you want to watch or start browsing the internet, it really is that easy.

    Connecting your smart TV box to a TV

    • Connect HDMI cord (provided) to smart TV box and other end into TV. (RCA cable not included)
    • Put 2 X AAA batteries into smart TV box remote. (not included)
    • Turn on TV.
    • Turn on  smart TV box by pressing power button on remote.
    • Getting Started/Welcome Screen:
    • Click settings on the home screen
    • Select WIFI or Ethernet for internet connection
    • For WIFI enter password and click connect
    • Click Finish and setup is complete


    We provide support for all our boxes, unlike when order from Chinese or eBay sellers we provide after sales support. If you have any issues you can easily get a replacement fast and pain free.

    As we keep our stock in the Ireland, replacements or refunds can be handled quickly. All of our support channels are English speaking so there will be no language barriers or issues understanding your problem or our proposed solutions.

    No Hidden Fees

    Apart from the purchase of the Smart TV Box there is no other hidden monthly fee’s.

    We have pre-installed Kodi which is the main source media player for Movies, TV show and sports streaming,

    Watch many movies and your favourite TV Shows

    Access hundreds if music channels

  • Channel Stream TV - Smart TV Box, Clare,Tipperary, Ireland

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  • Channel Stream TV is owned by Keith Moroney. Keith is based in Ballina, Co. Tipperary and sells and installs TV boxes throughout the country.

    FAQ's - The following is a sample of questions generated by our existing customers and were asked on our support network.

    1. Is it difficult to install the Smart TV Boxes

    It takes 2 minutes to set up, then plug into your tv, connect to internet and you are set to go.

    2. Do I need a dish are aerial to use these boxes?

    No, all you need is internet connection of 4 megabits/sec and higher to be able to use our boxes.

    3. If an app/stream is down on the box what can we do?

    We have added many apps to our boxes, if one or more goes down you will have lots of other apps that will give you same content as the ones that are down.

    4. Do you need to get the boxes updated?

    No the boxes update automatically; any new movie that comes available will automatically go onto our boxes.

    5. What happens if I delete all the apps from the box by mistake?

    That’s no problem, we will have an app installed so you can get the content back by using this app. Also you will not have to send back your box at any time to update software, the installed app lets you download any new apps that we have installed in our files.

    6. Do you have to pay any more payments once you pay for the box?

    No its just a one off payment and that’s it, no hidden costs.

    7. What happens if I have problems with my box and can’t find the content I am looking for?

    Don’t worry, we offer full support will help you with any problems you may have.

    8. Does a remote control come with box?

    Yes, but I would recommend buying an airmouse, it makes for a much better and faster experience when using your box.

    9. Can you browse the internet with the boxes?

    Yes, our Smart TV Box turns any TV, old or new, into a Smart TV.

    10. What’s the difference in the boxes?

    The difference is in the spec of the box including the ram, the speed of the box, memory and overall performance.  The more expensive they are, the smoother the quality. The durability and life span also vary per box type.

    11. Do you install the box?

    There’s no need for installation as it is plug and play, if you buy a box from us locally we will install it for you.

    12. Will the boxes work for more than one TV?

    No, just one box per TV at any one time, you can take the box around to any room in your house and use it. 

    13. Can my box ever be cut off or scrambled?

    No, it works just through wifi / internet so you can never be cut off.

    14. Can I use the box if my internet is less than 4 Meg?

    You can watch movies with less than 4, but live TV will freeze and stop so I would recommend at least 4 Meg

    In addition you can download apps and games from the Goggle Play Store, surf the net, shop on-line, do your social media, check emails, read the newspapers on-line - the world is at your fingertips.

    15. Is there warranty for my box?

    Yes you will get 12 month warranty for hardware on your box.