Wruff 2 Fluff Dog Grooming Clonmel Tipperary

Wruff 2 Fluff Dog Grooming Clonmel Tipperary

  • Unit 12 - 22 Thomas Street, Clonmel Co Tipperary, Ireland
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    Hi, my name is  Debbie Wall and my business is Wruff 2 Fluff Dog Groomers in Clonmel.

    Your all very welcome to my very own personal website here on Nakoo.

    I have been grooming dogs professionally for over ten years. I ensure each dog is presented back to its owner looking exactly how they requested.  I groom all breeds from miniature Jack Russell's to St Bernard's.  I am also a qualified veterinary nurse so your dog will be in good hands.

    My experience allows me to understand and evaluate each dog individually and that each dog may need a specific treatment. I consult in detail with every owner about the trimming and grooming required. Nothing makes me more happier than seeing a neat and natty dog reunited with its loving owner.

    The grooming clinic is designed for complete comfort and luxury through out your dogs visit.  

    We recently moved to a new premises - we are now situated at 22 Thomas street. I am the last unit with lots of parking room.

    Hope to see you there - if you need more details on directions or indeed dog grooming don't hesitate to give me a call or a text on 086 377403  Booking advisable. 

    Opening times - Tuesday to Saturday 9 am - 6 pm closed for lunch 1 pm - 2 pm 

    In the picture on the left are Leah and Eire, two Newfoundlands waiting to go home after their groom.

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    Wruff to Fluff  gives your family pet a full grooming service. The full groom involves;

    ·  A thorough brushing - to get out dirt, matts, knots  and dead hair.

    ·  Clipping and trimming - to our customers desired needs

    ·  Nail Clipping - giving your pet the perfect manicure

    ·  Ear cleaning - removal of hair over growth and wax

    ·  Washing - warm bath with an appropriate shampoo

    ·  Drying - gentle drying with towel or dryer

    ·  Flee and tick shampooing - getting rid of unwanted visitors

    These services are performed in a clean, caring and sterilized work area.  Special care will be taking for dogs with all kinds of personalities and temperaments.


    Why dog groom

    1.  Every dog needs a good pampering as certain dogs are highly energetic, grooming helps dogs to relax - it also helps dogs to act well around people.

    2.  It gives your dog healthier skin and helps shine the coat helping your dog look more and more adorable.

    3.  It helps in the fight against parasites, early detection is easier deal with than a huge infestation.

    4.  The groomer can find any lumps and bumps and advise at once if your dog needs a vet and i f your dog is a regular the groomer will pick up on any mood change or change in character which may be due to the fact your dog is ill.

    6.  We are all proud of our dogs and regular grooming helps your dog look attractive and clean.

    7.  House dogs need grooming for hygienic purposes.


    Some tips/guidelines for dog caring;

    1. Brushing several times per week is highly recommended for most dogs.

    It helps distribute the natural oils from the skin giving your dogs coat a healthy, shiny pretty look. 

    2. Let your dog sniff the grooming brush before you commence, talk to your pet through out keeping it calm and relaxed and easy to work on.

    3. Start on the dogs head, working along to the tail and down the legs, as the saying goes "don't go against the grain".

    Pay particular attention to the areas that knot and matt easily.

    4. Treat your dog for worms according to veterinary advice this helps in keeping your dogs condition. 


    Wruff 2 Fluff Clinic 

    In recent times we took a decision to move into new premises, unit 12, 22 Thomas St, Clonmel. This allowed us improve our service with up to date equipment.

    It's a fantastic colorful decor with lots of space to make your dog feel at ease especially if its a first timer.

    You will be surprised at how calm your dog will be once inside.

    The Hy-drolic Table is set in the middle of the floor space in full view of the window and our surrounds so your pet will not feel confined; this also gives plenty scenery to hold your dogs attention.

    Our Bath is stainless steel which can be cleaned easily once a dog is finished its wash. It is easy accessible for all sizes catering for the tiniest of dogs to the largest  of the breeds.

    If your pet is waiting for a groom it will not be agitated by our equipment or instruments.

    We have sufficient parking for customers so its just a matter of pulling up and walking in.   Your dog will be safely enclosed once inside. We have lots of doggie toys for your pet to play with while waiting for their pampering.

    Veterinary Nursing    

    The Veterinary Nursing Course equips people with advanced knowledge and skills required to be an effective member of a Veterinary Practice.  Designed to give an understanding of animal management, animal treatment and running of a practice on a daily basis. Theory studied is reinforced with practical experience each week in the industry.

  • Wruff 2 Fluff Dog Grooming Clonmel Tipperary

    Unit 12 - 22 Thomas Street,Clonmel Co Tipperary,

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  • From an early age Debbie has always wanted to turn her love for dogs and animals into an rewarding career.

    Debbie has enjoyed over ten years experience since she graduated from St Johns Collage in Cork where she also qualified as a veterinary nurse. This ensures your family pet is at all times in professional care.   

    On the successful completion of her qualifications she was now equipped with the required techniques and dog grooming skills, learning about the dogs anatomy, allergy's and how to make the grooming process much more relaxed and comfortable for all dogs. Its also important to make the owner know their bundle of joy is in capable hands. 

    Debbie now runs a very professional, yet very personal dog grooming service in Clonmel. 

    "A well groomed dog is a proud and happy owner"

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