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Welcome to We Sell Stone- we have the best range of old, reclaimed or salvage limestone and sandstone kerbstone, cobblestone and building stone in Ireland.

Our Irish Collection of building stone 2014, gives you the best choice and quality of Irish Limestones, sandstones and granites.

Not to mention our latest range of Irish Decorative Gravels! What a range.... Over 20 types of decorative gravel for flower beds , driveways and hard landscaping.

If you want quality paving stone? We have our paving packs of 10 m2 or 15m2 especially selected with 4 sizes in each pack. A paving grout that doesn't let weeds grow or come popping with the first sign of a power washer , followed by a sealer to protect the patio long term.

We can deliver any of the above products nationwide within 24 hours for €50 per pallet ( subject to availability ) and that's all 32 counties!

The difference between us and other stone companies is our quality. That's why customers like Michael Flatley, Hayfield Manor Hotel, Eddie Irvine, Pat Kenny, Tony Ryan, Dave Fanning, Killeen Castle just to mention a few bought their stone from www.wesellstone.com

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David Kinsella

Hi Conor,

Thank you for your enquiry.
Yes, we gave a black Stabilizer , 40mm deep. Each section is 330mm x 330mm with 9 pieces per sq m.

50 sq m would be €1000 ( €20 per sq m ) collected or €1050 delivered to Dublin ( inc vat @ 23% ).

Don't hesitate to contact us with any queries. - Kind Regards - David Kinsella


hi. do you sell gravel stabiliser sheets, if so what make and price for 50 metres square garden and how much to delivery to lusk in Co Dublin. thanks, Conor

We Sell Stone

Hi Gina,

Yes, we have a 50mm pebble and also a 50mm to 150mm which is used as a cobble in front of old buildings etc.
Don't hesitate to call us on 0505 31100 with any further queries or email us.
Kind Regards


I'm restoring an 18th century cottage in Antrim. Do you sell whitelimestone gravel bigger than approx 25mm? I think its call quarry red but not sure!

We Sell Stone

Hi Wayne,

Yes we have grey granite @ €100 per bulk bag for pathways.
Each bulk bag covers 120 sq ft r 12m2 @ 50mm deep.



Is it possible to get crushed granite for a path in grey?

We Sell Stone

Hi Sarah, Thank you for your enquiry.
Paving Stone are available in 5 types and are €30 per m2.
We have a full range of decorative gravels in bulk bags that cover 12m2 from €39.99!
Why not visit our showroom on the Old Dublin Road, Roscrea, County Tipperary or call 0505 31100 with any queries.
Kind Regards

sarah kenny

im looking for paving stones,are they 50euro a pallet and if so how many paving stones are on each pallet,thank you

We Sell Stone

Wexford Sea Pebble, 50% off until 28 Feb 2014!
Was €100 per bulk bag
Now €50 per bulk bag

We Sell Stone

Tipperary Sandstone Flowerbed 20mm Gravel

Price Collected : €100 per bag ( Inc vat @ 23% )

Products & services

Product Of The Month : Irish Georgian Granite Driveway Pebble

The Irish Georgian Granite Driveway Pebble from www.wesellstone.com is the best quality gravel for a driveway available in Ireland.

Why ?

1. The Granite Stone is the hardest stone available in the Irish Market, hence it doesn't break down under the pressure of constant traffic unlike some softer sandstone materials.

2. The Irish Georgian Granite Driveway Pebble has round edges, hence it doesn't get caught in shoes etc and damage interior floors etc.

3. It looks fabulous, like a good diamond , not too dull, not too bright, just perfect. Some Golden Gravels, look like an airport runway in dry weather as they are so bright and quite yellow when wet. The Irish Georgian Granite Driveway Pebble is a nice subtle biscuit or cream colour.

Products & services

How to fit " The Irish Georgian Granite Driveway Pebble " in your driveway (step by step)

Step 1. The majority of Driveways in Irish Family Homes are made from " black crushed limestone" otherwise known as "804" in the trade. There would normally be approx. 6" or 150mm deep of "804" spread on top of filling or drainage stone (2" to 4"). This would be compacted using a vibrating roller and the 6" or 150mm depth of "804" would be compacted down to a solid 3" or 75mm.

The edge of the driveway would have a natural stone or concrete kerb. Once the sub base (compacted "804") is formed you will need to think about what kind of surface (decorative) you will finish it off with? The best houses in Ireland use quality decorative gravel and pebbles from www.wesellstone.com! We recommend our best product , " The Irish Georgian Granite Driveway Pebble ".

Step 2. Spread approximately 1" thick of  " Irish Georgian Granite Driveway Holding Dust " which is 5mm down pebble and dust mix. This has two functions.

Number one- it hides the black industrial look of the "804" or sub base

Number two- it forms a 1" bed or 25mm deep bed which allows us to compact (see step 3!) the 14mm " Irish Georgian Granite Driveway Pebble into. This stops the gravel from moving when you walk, cycle or drive on it.

Step 3. Spread approximately 1" thick of " Irish Georgian Granite Driveway Pebble " on top of the 1" or 25mm of holding dust.

Step 4. Compact the " Irish Georgian Granite Driveway Pebble " down into the " Irish Georgian Granite Holding Dust using a vibrating roller.

Step 5. If in doubt about " How to do the job " call us in www.wesellstone.comon 00353 505 31100or a qualified professional such as Brian Phelan on 00353 86 3840403

Products & services

How much will it cost ?

The " Irish Georgian Granite Holding Dust " and " Irish Georgian Granite Driveway Pebble" are sold in bulk bags. Each bulk bag will cover an area of approx. 12 square metres or 120 square feet at approx. 50mm deep or 2 inches.

Cost per Bulk Bag Collected ex Roscrea : €100 per bulk bag including vat @ 23%.

Delivery Cost : next day nationwide delivery on week days @ €50 per bulk bag. Larger quantities within 100 km of Roscrea would cost approx. €25 per bulk bag, the lead time would be approx. 7 working days.

Our Best Deal ! Buy 30 bulk bags of "Irish Georgian Granite Driveway Pebble" (15 bags of holding dust & 15 bags of 14mm pebble , sufficient quantity to cover approx. 3,600 square feet or 360 square metres) and get free delivery up to 100km from Roscrea, Co, Tipperary! 

There will be a surcharge of €250 on long distance orders ( 100km + ) -  Payment Terms : We accept all major credit cards!

Products & services

Gravel Laying Tips

If you want to make a good driveway from Driveway Gravel or pebble supplied by www.wesellstone.com here are some useful tips!

Problem: The biggest challenge with laying a gravel driveway in Ireland before www.wesellstone.com found the solution was the movement of the driveway gravel underneath your feet, bicycle, motor vehicle etc.

Once the decorative or coloured gravel moved you would often see a black patch where the sub base or “804” (crushed stone used as the material in forming the driveway) moved. This was uncomfortable to move on and not attractive to look at!

Loose chippings also end up getting stuck in shoes etc and damaging wooden floors inside the house.

Solution: Basically our product number 10 . Tipperary Gravel and Pebble Holding Dust is the solution. We recommend that you apply a 50/50 combination of Tipperary Gravel and Pebble Holding Dust and your choice of decorative gravel or pebble. (Simply 1 bag of Tipperary Gravel & Pebble Holding Dust to 1 bag of gravel of your choice!).

Products & services

Tip for small pathways etc. : It can be spread manually from the bulk bag using a wheel barrow and shovel and a manual roller or a small compactor from your local Hire shop.

Tips for larger projects : 

1. Hire a Teleporter from your local plant hire centre and use this to carry the bulk bags, place the bag over the area of application and cut the bag using a Stanley Knife etc.

First spread the Tipperary Gravel & Pebble Holding Dust and then spread it and afterwards apply the Decorative Gravel of your choice. (Remember it is better to apply more Tipperary Gravel & pebble Holding Dust as it is too late once the gravel goes on top!).

Hire a roller / compactor from your local tool hire centre and pack the dust and gravel together. (If it is very dry you may need a hose pipe to dampen the material to ensure better compaction, this is usually not a problem in Ireland !)

2. If you are, buying bulk loads, the same principle applies. However we recommend the use of bags as the problem with bulk loads is that when you get to the bottom of the load it is impossible to avoid soiling with the existing sub base etc.

Good Luck and remember every driveway has a golden lining!!!!!!!!!!!!