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My name is David Lonergan, my business is Tree Top Sheds which is situated on Chair Rd in Cashel. A variety of my finished work can by viewed by passing traffic on my display area. 

Some of my products produced on regular basis include, Garden Sheds, Play Houses, Dog Kennels, Timber Decking, Fencing and Chicken coops.

·   Every order is delivered to destination on time.

·   The timber we use comes pressurized and fully treated.  

We manufacture all orders in a safe environment in my workshop.  

All sheds are lined with a breathable menbrane which helps prevent any dampness or moisture and as a result are totally water proof.

Also if a shed gets damaged, repair work will be carried out at once.

We are in operation since 2004 and proud to say we have gone from strength to strength.   We take a lot of pride in our work and give the time and care that your order is up to standard and precisely as ordered.

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Henry Donohue

How much for a 16ft + 10ft steel roof shed?


do you do hen runs to keeps out minks

Jim love

Hi David looking for a price on 11 dog kennels 6x4x4.4.high


Please quote me for a 8ft x 6ft shed insulated and erected.


Looking for a price for 14+8 rustic shed


I'm looking for a quote on an 8x20 weather board made shed.

Noelle Sheedy

8 x 6 garden shed with
one window. How much delivered, please? Would I have it for Christmas, please

Linda Fradgley

Really pleased with the four sheds you put up yesterday - fantastic quality. Brilliant service - Thank you

David Tighe

Hi David
Could you please quote for a 12 x 8, or 14 x 8 rustic shed, with a door either end, and 2 windows.
Thanks David Tighe

David Lonergan

Hi Stephen
Sorry for late reply but its been above hectic. Can you leave your contact Number or ring me on number provided and We can go through exactly what you require.


Products & services

Garden Sheds

We manufacture a wide range of garden sheds, the  sheds are lined with a breathable menbrane which helps prevent any dampness or moisture and as a result are totally water proof.

Many of the Tree Top Shed range can be used as utility rooms, offices or even a games room which is very popular.

The sheds are very secure and have a lovely effect when sitting in your garden.  

Many people put pickett fencing and design flower gardens around the sheds which can be very pleasing and in tune with the landscape.  

Products & services

Play Houses

Tree Top Sheds manufacture Play Houses so kids can play safely and enjoy endless hours of the Summer months along with their friends. 

Our play houses can be made to measure, you simply give us your impression of what you would like and we will scale and create a very professional and well finished house.

Tree Houses are also a popular order.  

Tree houses can also be used as a landscaping effect in your garden   

Products & services

Dog Kennels

Our dog kennels range from large living areas to small houses which can be used for shelter during the day.

Our kennels are made to order to suit your breed of family pet. 

Our dog kennels are designed so one can easily clean and disinfect the dogs bed.   

Products & services

Chicken Coops - Our chicken coops are designed to fit in with the landscaping in any back yard. The design allows for the most comfortable conditions for the chickens as well as being fully functional.

Our chicken coups can very easily be modified to suit ducks and domestic rabbits. We cater for beginners so getting started with fowl is easy and enjoyable.

Chicken coups are fox and dog proof.