Personal Training Centre, Boxing, Pilates in Tipperary


 We teach fitness classes at Thurles Boxing Club. Classes are:

  • - Non-contact fitness boxing/Thump
  • - Kettle Bells
  • - HIIT Training
  • - Cross Training/Circuits
  • - Pilates
  • AffordablePersonal training individual or small group settings
  •  all fitness classes are designed to suit Men and Women.

  "Your fitness is our priority"

Contact us at 086 8482150 - our web address is 

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Sharon oates

Hi just wondering if you do a mammy and baby class where I can bring the baby along???

Jillian Dunne

Angela Butler says:Hi what women only classes are you running for losing weight and fitness, please
Hi Angela we have morning personal training groups or evening classes for ladies

Angela Butler

Hi what women only classes are you running for losing weight and fitness, please


Hello , what classes for women only do you run ??
Many thanks


Do you have morning classes in thurles if so could you let me know times x days thanks
Hi Brenda we have Tuesday and Thursday morning classes at 10am


hi I was just wondering what classes do you have this coming Tuesday-2nd of June? Thank you

Mary davy

Hi Mary we have classes on mon and wes 6:30-7:30pm and 7-8pm we also have a tues morning kettlebell and pilate class at 11:30-11:45am

Jillian Dunne

Hi Alexandra im starting a morning kick start fat loss class on tues at 11am there will be kettlebells and pilates if your interested.
uote name="Alexandra"]Thanks Jillian, what other classes have you got on at the moment.


Thanks Jillian, what other classes have you got on at the moment.

Jillian Dunne

HI Alexandra at the moment i dont have a pilates class as numbers are too low i hhave other classes available if your interested or i can offer a pilates at jome program. Regards Jillianname="Alexandra"]I am interested in the Pilates classes please can you tell me the times and prices.
Thank you![/quote]

Products & services

Personal Training

Get more personalised results

Affordable Personal Training

We cater for one on one training or small group pt sessions

  • weekly weigh in and measure
  • food plans and advice for weight loss
  • specific training to cater for your needs
  • Real results

Products & services

Kettle Bells

Level - Beginners - Advanced

Time - Monday 6:30 - 7:30 pm variety class

Tuesday HIIT Kettlebells and Pilates 11:00 -12:00 as part of Kick Start Fat Loss

Kettlebells are the relatively new exercise regime. It requires training with a bowling-ball-shaped weight with a handle as the newest fitness trend.  

Products & services

Full-body conditioning.

Big results by spending less time in the gym. “Because kettlebell training involves multiple muscle groups and energy systems at once.”

Increased resistance to injury -  Improved mobility and range of motion -  Increased strength without increase of mass. Kettlebell exercisers are lean and toned -  Enhanced performance in athletics and everyday functioning -  Major calorie burning -  Weight Resistance

Kettle Bells are fun, free from complication and difficulty. Everyone helps each other along.  All you need is a track suit or shorts, trainers and towel 

Products & services

Boxing Non Contact Fitness  

Level - Beginners - Advanced,    

Time -    Monday  & Wednesday-   7 pm - 7.30 pm & 7:30 -8:30pm

Boxing Non Contact Fitness is a fun and popular way to knock out those extra unwanted pounds and to build up endurance.  

We provide boxing fitness in friendly and welcoming environment. This is just the way to develop your fitness level and build your self defense skills.  One of the most energy demanding sessions we offer in a unique disciplined environment. Brilliant for development of body toning, fitness, strength and reflexes. 

Train like a boxer without getting hit. You'll feel physically and mentally fitter.

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HIIT Training(High Intensity Interval Training)

Level - Beginners - Advanced   

Time - Monday & Wednesday - 6.30 pm - 7 pm  

"Explosive" is the way to describe this training session.  It helps you to transform by giving you a hard core unbelievable personalized exercise.  It helps you achieve your goal in power, strength and speed, a real fat burning workout.

If you wanna get results this is the class for you -  Get serious, get insanely fit -  Brilliant for toning and fat loss.  A Great cardio workout.

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Boxing fitness/Thump Boxing

Level- Beginners - Advanced

Time- Monday & Wednesday 7 pm - 7:30pm, 7:30 - 8:30pm

It takes no prisoners.  You work with gloves, pads and punch bags.

We hold weekly Strength and Conditioning classes for individuals, groups and teams. Come and organize for your team to break the monotony of regular training sessions and get fit in a novel and unique way – make training fun whilst building team spirit! We host some local GAA Camogie teams during the GAA season.

No contact boxing 

The key to this class is that it is as intense as you make it, it’s all about how far you want to push yourself.

Products & services


Time: Tues Morning 11am

Sat Morning 10:00 -10:45am

Level - Beginners and Advanced

we also offer at Home Programs

In the comfort of ones own home.

We have a dedicated personalized tailored program for home individual training. This is a one to one system based class.  As no two body structures are the same we offer a determined high level quality of training to meet your needs.   

Benefits of course

  • Strengthen Core
  • Restore Posture 
  • Body Alignment 
  • Muscle Tone
  • Balance Control
  • Added Resistance 
  • Rejuvenation

 Note  Excellent for people with back problems