Laser Teeth Whitening service based in Limerick. Our unique selling point is that we offer a high quality service at a very affordable price.

Please check in here on a regular basis for special offers and deals and to keep up to date on new teeth whitening techniques 

How safe is it compared to DIY teeth whitening:

DIY over the counter gels: 


Pros : - Cheaper - No appointment needed - Can be done in your spare time 

Cons: - You’re  on your own - Most patients use the kits incorrectly - High risk of burning the soft tissuse - Which can lead to permanent damage and sensitivity - Don’t last as long as professional treatments.


Professional Teeth Whitening :

  • Fast results.
  • Done by a qualified professional
  • No risk of burning or permanent damage to the soft tissuse
  • Advice and aftercare instructions
  • Laser teeth does not damage enamel
  • For deep stains a diy kit will not work but laser will 

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Aisling Ryan

hello, just inquiring about how much it would be for a clean and whitening treatment?


[quote name=Jane, Hi is your offer still going for December '16 in Limerick for teeth whitening for 50 euro?


Hi there would you have an appointment this week. Many thanks


Hi Eimear
It costs € 50 for whitening or € 80 for cleaning and whitening
Could you contact us on 0857547092


Hi how much is it


hi how much

Kelly Murphy

hi celine.i am interested in getting my teeth laser whitened.how much is it?could i book in for next saturday.regards kelly.mary Reddan says:Hi Celine what are your opening times and how much. Its a present for my daughter

Jeffery Morey

Hi id lik too ask have u any apps av for me and my gf

mary Reddan

Hi Celine what are your opening times and how much. Its a present for my daughter


How much will it be foe
teeth whitening for the
month of December.

Products & services


Nowadays Tooth whitening has gained a lot of popularity as everyone loves to have white and sparkling teeth. The laser teeth whitening system is one of the most popular methods. I am qualified and insured and all treatments are carried out by myself I have over eleven years dental experience.

Details of the process:

We use the direct application method, so there are no gumshields.  We directly apply the tooth whitening gel onto the surface of each tooth individually.  This means if one tooth In particular needs attention we can give it the desired treatment.

There are three sessions in each treatment 15mins 10mins and 5mins.  After each session we remove the gel, take a shade to ensure the teeth are whitening a nd apply fresh gel. The gel seeps into the pores of the enamel and lifts up dirt, stain and debris.