Whiskey Ageing Oak Barrel

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1Ltr Oak Barrel 

I would like to introduce to our smallest barrel, the 1ltr that will hold a 750ml bottle of Whiskey. It may be small but it is packed full of flavour. This is our fastest ageing barrel. If you want to make a small batch then the 1 litre is the way to go. This can be your practise shot to get the flavours and timing just right before making a big batch. The 1ltr is small and neat but does a great job.

If you are looking for a 1 gallon barrel then you want to click on our 5ltr barrel.
Each 1ltr oak barrel includes a bung, spigot, stand and paper funnel.

This barrel is made to order by skilled craftsmen.  It is made from American White Oak.

Note: We advise you to cure or infuse your barrel once delivered.