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1ltr Oak Storing Barrel (Not for Ageing)

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1Ltr European Oak barrel

This particular barrel is ideal for display, pouring from or storing spirits.  These barrels are just the job for promotions as we can engrave your logo or motto.  You can pour anything really from this barrel however we do not recommend you store anything other than spirits.  This barrel is not classed as an Oak ageing cask however when storing spirits small interaction with the Oak will take place.  The inside is not charred and is coated with a 100% paraffin wax.  This helps against "Angels Share" and soaking.  This also helps with sealing the barrel to prevent leaks.

The stand is made from steamed Beech.  We can also engrave on the stand but remember we have only limited space.

The barrel comes with a bung, spigot and the above mentioned stand.

Engraving:  If you need engraving please send correct spelling and font style as we only get one go at getting it right.  If you require an image i.eLogo, crest etc and you don't have it on a specific format our Graphic Designer will draw it up for €20.00.  A prove will be sent to you before we commence engraving.  

 The inside is coated with paraffin wax, which makes it suitable to store drinks however the barrels impart little flavour and colour. Perfect for parties to pour your favourite tipple or cocktail.

This model of barrel is low-maintenance as opposed to the charred oak barrels that need to be kept wet.

The oak barrels will be delivered dry and are just as easy to store as bottles or other containers.


  • Height with bung: 23cm
    Depth incl. tap: 21cm
    Width incl. wooden stand: 19cm
    Weight: 1kg


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