Equine Core Conditioning Bands


Dressage Resistance Bands for Horses


€ 80

Equine Core Conditioning System.
Dressage style saddle pad and band system for riding and lunging.
Use of the specially designed bands gently encourages the horse recruit the deep stabilising muscles of the spine and hind quarters.
Applications include general conditioning - to help the horse move with increased balance and awareness of body position and placement. Also suitable for rehabilitation from injury under the recommendation of a veterinary or physiotherapy professional- to help aid stride symmetry and develop the supporting back musculature following treatment in such cases as kissing spines, stifle weakness or sacroiliac discomfort.

Size Cob/ Full.
Suitable for saddles 16 to 18 inches.
Suitable for horses and ponies from 13.2hh to 17.1hh.

Complete System includes:
Saddle Pad with band attachments
Abdominal band and clips
Hind band and clips
Spare Band
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Resistance band training can be used in a wide range of activities from work in hand, to lunging and long reining, under saddle, over poles and whilst hacking. The Equine Core Conditioning System has been developed for use with many different types of horse and can  be incorporated  into both general and rehabilitative training regimes. Examples of horses that have benefited from the system include sport horses, young horses, ex race horses, and horses rehabilitating from kissing spines, stifle weakness or sacroiliac discomfort.

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