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delivers coal all over Ireland. We provide the best of coal at very competitive prices. We provide an excellent and friendly service. We endeavour to deliver all orders within 7 days of when you placed your order.

Our business delivers only by the tonne (50 x 20kg bags) of coal. Orders can be taken by phone, via email. Pay can be taken over the phone or on delivery. This choice is completely up to you.

Doubles and trebles do not relate to the quality of the coal, instead they are an approximation of size. Typically doubles are 25 - 50mm, whilst trebles are 50 - 90mm.


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Products & services

With the weather getting colder, it's definitely worth stocking up on coal for the entire winter. Our ranges of coal will be able to provide you with the appropriate product for your needs.

Colombian coal is a Grade A smoke coal and perfect for any appliance. This is a very high quality coal available on the market. It will give you tremendous heat throughout your home with very little ash content and is ideal for open fires. This will reduce the time spent cleaning up.

We also provide a smokeless coal Ovoids for anybody living in smoke coal free zones or who prefer smokeless coal. This coal is ideal for stoves and is a very long lasting burning coal. This type of coal will keep your home very warm through out the day.