Cleaning, Painting and Roofing Farm Buildings cork


Ridge and Valley Painting and Roofing Farm Buildings Cork

We are based in cork and operate in the areas of limerick, Clare and other parts of Munster. Ridge and Valley Roofing offers a high quality service repairing farm Buildings.

If you are in need of repairing or replacing your existing roof, clean or painting we will make it look like a new building. We also replace and repair metal or plastic cladding on damaged roofs and weld damaged steel structures and replace steel gating.

If we believe the roof on your Building can be repaired to a high standard, we will work on it. If your roof can not be repaired and has to be replaced, we will give you a competitive quote on replacement and explain in detail all the work that's involved.

Ridge and Valley Roofing will give you that piece of mind, that your building will be safe and secure.

Call us at 0852368950 or email us at

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Patrick Dooley

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Products & services

Services that we offer:

  • All farm building repairs.
  • Roof restorations.
  • Cleaning and Painting services.
  • House exterior cleaning, roofing and Painting.
  • Tile roofs repaired.
  • Soft washing.
  • Power washing.

We are fully insured and all of our tradesmen are fully qualified and offering a high quality of work at very competitive prices.

If you are looking up at your roof and think it needs a little makeover or a new replacement please call us and we will look after you.

Call or email Us for a free quote at 0852368950 or

Products & services

Your Properties Exterior


The exterior of a home or building is often what makes that first good impression. By cleaning and painting really adds value to your property and we can help you to achieve this. Painting the exterior of any home or building whether it is large or small, is a big job and it is important to select the right type of paint that can withstand extreme weather conditions and we use the best quality products.

Power washing

Power washing can give a good deep clean and really freshen up the look by removing mildew, loose paint, general stains and dirt. 

We can take this worry and time consuming venture and help you, so let us help you make your Exterior less Drearier.

Products & services

Roof Restoration

Restoring you roof is a more cost effective option than fully replacing your roof. We will carry out a thorough roof inspection so as to identify any problems with the roof. We will then provide you with a detailed description and quotation so that you will be able to make a fully informed decision about the service that you will need.

Ridge and Valley Roofing are experts at tile roof restoration with painting your roof tiles to bring them to their former glory. We also only use good quality products in all of our roof restorations.

A leaking roof left untreated can lead to very serious damage, some signs of damage may include water seeping in the roof, stains or mold. We can identify any roof leak you may have which includes general wear and tear, broken tiles or missing ridge capping. Severe roof damage can be reduced by getting the roof repaired and also getting any maintenance work carried out before it gets to bad.