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Welcome to Remar Ireland a registered charity shop and recovery home based in Thurles, Co Tipperary.

We are a Christian recovery home trying to help people in need including the homeless, people who suffer from addictions and other social complex ills.

We offer help, advice, counselling and accommodation free of charge for everyone no matter what their background is, race or religion

--All Are Very Welcome--

To support our charity work we sell new and pre-loved furniture from our charity shop which is located on Mitchel Street Thurles. Our Rehab Centre is based in the countryside (Mans natural habitat) of Coalbrook in the parish of Ballingarry.

  • Remar Recovery Home - Coalbrook, Ballingarry, Thurles, Co Tipperary.
  • Remar Charity Shop - Mitchell Street, Thurles, Co Tipperary.

Remar Ireland are dedicated to fight disadvantage and help people along the journey of recovery.

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Hiya I want to enquire about rehabilitation and how I go about getting into the program

im help im homeless

i need help im homeless in portlaoise


Yes please, can you ring 0877764298 thank you

Marta Rubio

Hi I will like to donate some furniture, Do you collect from Dublin

Jane hicks

Just wondering do u need any help cooking in Ballingarry part of this group

Remar Ireland

Lorraine Keane says:Hi just wondering if you are looking for volunteers
Or send me your number and i'll ring you

Remar Ireland

Lorraine Keane says:Hi just wondering if you are looking for volunteers
Can you ring me on 0877764298? Thank you, sandra

Lorraine Keane

Hi just wondering if you are looking for volunteers

Remar Ireland

Here you can get help and support on your road to recovery.

If you have any questions about Remar Ireland we would love to hear from you.

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We can cater for up to 40 residents at any one time in our three building units on site. Our mission here is to fight disadvantage and help others with addiction. 

Our role during phase one is offering trust, non-judgmental advice with guidance and unify along the journey with those in rehabilitation. Here in our rehab centre in Coalbrook we work with the homeless, addictions of all natures and other complex social ills of today. Whether it is excessive use of pharmaceuticals, street drugs, alcoholism and gambling you can seek help here in our rehab centre.

Phase one, of what is usually a one year tenure at the centre consists of the treatment of the immediate issues of the homelessness and the various addictions already mentioned.

Phase two starts within a two week period depending on the individuals skills which consists of learning some useful skills in our small workshop, furniture and clothes shop. We sell new and used furniture often sourced locally or in the UK, which we can deliver anywhere in Ireland.

We try to be self efficient as possible on 7 acres of adjoining land with our own foodstuffs and livestock We maintain small vegetable and potato plots and work with our own livestock which can great for everyone in a rehabilitation process.

--Where Our Rehab Centre Is--

Coalbrook is a village in the Slieveardagh Hills. It is just off the R690 regional road and is equidistant from Kilkenny, Cashel and Thurles, about 25 km (16 miles) from all three.

From Killkenny: Come through Callan into Balingarry to Coalbrook

From Thurles: Come through Littleton, Glengoole, up the Reen Road from Glengoole into Coalbrook.

From Clonmel: Come through Grangemockler to Mullenahone to Ballingarry into Coalbrook.

 From Cashel: Come through Dualla to Ballinure to Killenaule to Ballingarry into Coalbrook


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We are a registered charity with a small shop located on Mitchell Street, Thurles, Co Tipperary.

Here you can purchase great bargains from our stock of household interiors, bric a brac etc. You'll find wonderful gifts for all the family such as clothes, work-wear, footwear, Toys, collectibles, books, ornaments and much much more.

Please click on the link to our on line stores and if you see something you like you can purchase it and we'll deliver it to you no matter where you live in Ireland.

Donations greatly accepted: We accept all types of furniture and household items along with collectibles, hobby items, clothes or whatever product your kindness offers.

There are certain items we cannot accept please ring for information. 

  • Did you know that when you buy from one of our shops you are investing in our work to fight against poverty and helping finance our outreach and support to socially excluded people all across Ireland.

Thank you from all here at Remar Ireland, God Bless.

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HOW TO GET A PLACE - 0877764298

Just ring the number provided for 24 hour admissions. If you need help and assistance either for yourself, family member or friend all are very welcome here to start the journey to recovery.

Although we only can cater for up to 40 residents we try our best to cater for everyone urgent needs. There is no restrictions on age, gender, race or religion.

We will advise you of the next step and where you can present yourself or accompany a friend in need. You will be made more than welcome in community.


  • Drugs, weapons or other illegal objects, smoking and alcoholic drinks are not allowed. Strictly for safety and security purposes you and your luggage will be searched before admission. Any drugs, weapons, tobacco products, alcoholic drinks, bottles or other illegal objects etc found during your search will be disposed of in your presence.
  • Any personal documents, money or valuables in your possession will be kept securely for you in the office. An inventory of them will be made and if you decide to abandon your rehabilitation they will returned to you.
  • For your own safety you are not permitted to carry on your person any money during your rehabilitation period. If you are in any receipt of social security benefits you must either cancel them or donate the proceeds to Remar Ireland for the duration of your stay.
  • The use of any drugs of any kind is not normally allowed. If you have need of medication it must be prescribed by your doctor and free of any tranquilizing effects.
  • All forms of music, literature or publications of any kind must be authorized by the person in charge of the centre. Anything deemed unsuitable will be disposed of in your presence.
  • During the first stage of your rehabilitation the person in charge will appoint someone to be your constant companion. This is for your own safety.
  • You should expect to remain on the centre premises for the first 15 days. Thereafter you may leave the centre only with permission of the person in charge and only in company of your appointed companion.
  • You must inform the person in charge if you have any contagious illnesses or conditions, or if you are receiving treatment for any medical ailments.
  • You must inform the person in charge of any pending or previous criminal convictions, and of your family and domestic situation.
  • If you are under 16 written consent from your parents or legal guardian is required before you can stay.
  • You must agree to participate in all activities such as work and meetings. You are also expected to be present at meal times and to participate in all free-time activities.
  • For their own safety, married couples who have come for rehabilitation will be separated temporarily for as long as the Remar Ireland leader sees fit.
  • All sexual relationships outside of marriage are strictly forbidden whilst living at Remar. For their own protection and safety non-married couples who have come for rehabilitation will be separated.
  • Whilst Remar Ireland endeavour to take all reasonable practical precautions to protect you from injury, illness or loss during your stay. Remar Ireland accepts no liability whatsoever for any injury, illness or loss sustained by you (even if caused by an act or failure of Remar Ireland or its agents) whilst in our care. You are advised to take out your own insurance to cover loss, theft or damage of your personal belongings and injury, disablement or illness.
  • If you make a rash decision to leave the centre without completing your rehabilitation you will be responsible for your home travel arrangements at your own cost and must take all your belongings with you. Anything left behind will be disposed of.

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If you have any questions about Remar Ireland we would love to hear from you. 

You can also follow us on Facebook. Thank you for your interest in us.

The following are some typical questions asked previously and the answers:

I have a addiction related problem how can Remar help me?

  • Yes, please contact us.

I have no where to go can Remar help me?

  • Yes, please contact us as soon as you can.

How can I make a donation?

  • Through our online stores or meet us in charity shop in Thurles, Thank you.

How can I get involved?

  • Call for information

When I make a donation to Remar Ireland how much goes to administration costs?

  • No admin costs all reverts back to Remar Ireland

Will Remar Ireland have centres throughout nationwide?

  • We are planning it, if you can help please contact us.

Can I make donations other than money contributions?

  • Yes

Are you a registered charity?

  • Yes, CHY20522

I'm worried about someone, what do I do?

  • Please contact us immediately for advice

Can I hold an event to raise money for Remar Ireland kind efforts?

  • Yes, Under our regulations

Call us at anytime on 087 7764298 or 087 1820606 for help or information. God bless.

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Community life in REMAR is part of therapeutic way of reconstructing and creating order & stability in broken lives. This is one of the unique sides of this charity association where individuals can, within the context of an extended family environment, receive the guidance, encouragement and support they need to face their problems and experience healing and understanding.

Why we do it and what's good about community life  >> Community life is healing...

It is another element at Remar which will help your recovery. Maybe you've spent a long time on your own on the street or in some flat. It's time to be sociable again. You learn a lot about yourself living with other people. In the nitty gritty of everyday life you can work out your problems, practice at being a better communicator and learn how to get on with others. You need these things to help you hold down a job. But this time you are not on your own. We're in it together. We want to be with you. We are here to encourage you every day.

Community life is about family...

It's about family life but maybe not the way you've been used to. If you've been in a broken home or marriage, this situation could be quite scary. Family life is often where things started to go wrong and maybe you became depressed or turned to some addiction to hide or forget. But so many people are surprised to find and experience how a wholesome kind of love breaks through fear and failure in relationships. But the right kind of love and care can make you feel a person again and give you hope of a better life. Community life offers you a safe environment to value yourself again and put your mistakes behind you.

Community life is about learning life skills...

Getting back into a normal daily life routine is important for you to feel part of it again. You start with the small things then bit by bit you'll be amazed at the things you can do. Maybe you've got talents that you've never used. It's time to get your confidence back.

Community life is fun.

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Dear likers of Remar Ireland. Did you know that when you buy from Remar Ireland either on line or direct from our shop you are investing in our work to fight against poverty and helping finance our outreach and support to socially excluded people all across Ireland.

 In our charity shop in Thurles we offer a variety of new and pre-loved furniture, household, clothes, books, toys, collectibles and much more. You'll find plenty of bargains and items at affordable prices and your purchase goes along way in helping those in need.

Now we are in need of your help: We need your unwanted items, furniture, bric a brac, food, hygiene products, toys for children etc. Anything that still has life but you don't want or need anymore.

  • We also offer our services for painting. gardening, removals, house clearance and lots more, just ask our team here at Remar Ireland.

Please help us to help (you can drop ITEMS into the charity shop in Mitchell street or you can give us a ring and we will collect from you)

Thank you and God bless from all here at Remar Ireland.

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