My  name is Seamus Barry and I operate Irish Rambling Crafts from my workshop in the Slieve Phelim mountains. I source all my materials from the surrounding mountains and bogs. This is an area that is seeped in heritage, historical and geographical.

Each piece that I make comes with a script which describes the heritage of the area in which the raw material was discovered, this make each piece totally unique and is in effect a small part of Slieve Phelim.

So, if you are looking for something that as far away from mass produced consumer goods, then this is the place to look. Please feel free to contact me for more information or even for a chat about the mountains.

Walking/Hiking Sticks

My walking/hiking sticks can be personalised as various mementos can be embedded into the stick to suit individual tastes such as a coin from your birth year, wildlife pewters, fishing flies, animal/bird coins, medals - the list is endless. 

The shanks are made from hazel, ash, holly, chestnut and are seasoned for two years before being worked on. The hand pieces are made from deer antler, buffalo horn, rams horn, cow horn or turned from various pieces of wood. Often times the handle can be turned from wood belonging to the person and this can make it more valuable for personal or sentimental reasons.

Bog Oak Lamps/Candle Holders

A major selling point for the products is the history of the pieces produced, while in general the customers are always curious as to the origin of the bog oak, many perceive the history and source of the oak to be very desirable and makes their purchase unique.  

All the bog oak material is sourced personally by me and labelled as to its origin, and detail of the history and source location of the piece is packaged along with the piece. It is then cleaned and treated before being finished as a lamp or candle holder. Often a well sculptured piece may be left in its natural state after being formed by nature over thousands of years. Every bog oak piece is a once off.

Jewellery Holders

The jewellery holders came about after a request from a lady client who wanted one made from a deer’s antler. Since then I have made numerous items from deer antler and the demand is increasing each month. The deer antlers are collected from deer farmers as deer shed their antlers every year. I also collect antlers shed by wild deer during my walks in the forest.

Coin Clocks

The coin clocks were developed from a request from a client who wanted to display his selection of coins. I have acquired a number of old Irish coins including the halfcrown, floring, schilling, sixpence, threepence, penny, halfpenny and the very scarce farthing. 

Those coins with their various animal and bird designs make for a lovely display in a turned piece of wood with a clock as a centre piece. The coins are polished and set in clear casting resin to maintain clarity.

Fishing Flies

As a fly fisher since my youth I have been tying flies for nearly thirty years and we run flytying classes in our local fishing club. 

I can tie a range of flies, nymph, dryfly, wetfly, river or lake which are displayed on various bases like wood, antler or bog oak.

Wood Turning

I turn various bowls, fruit holders, vases, egg cups etc. From time to time some customers may bring wood from a tree that has sentimental value for them and they would request a bowl or a vase as a keepsake from the tree. 

Wine Bottle Holder

I craft unique wine bottle holders using deer antler set on a solid timber base.  The piece would normally include a bottle stopper and a cork screw remover.

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Seamus Barry

I craft unique wine bottle holders using deer antler set on a solid timber base

Seamus Barry

The coin clocks were developed from a request from a client who wanted to display his selection of coins.

Seamus Barry

My walking/hiking sticks can be personalised as various mementos can be embedded into the stick to suit individual tastes

Seamus Barry

I source all my materials from the surrounding mountains and bogs. This is an area that is seeped in heritage, historical and geographical.

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Bog Oak Table Lamp

This table lamp has a laburium center piece mounted on a bog oak base. This bog oak was sourced near Ballyouchter bridge on the river Clodiagh that divides Drombane and Holycross parishes.

This is a great location for finding washed up bogoak from the marsh lands upstream. This river crossing point was used by the Northern Chieftians O’ Neill and O ‘ Donnell on their way to the battle of Kinsale in 1642 after been blessed by a relic of the true cross at the monastery in Holycross.

You can see from the attached photo that one of the arches on the bridge has a square head piece while all the rest are stone arched.

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The reason been this bridge was blown up a local battalion of the IRA in 1920 to prevent the black and tans from going to a local IRA safe house to burn it down.

The bridge was re-build over time by local RIC personnel, the safe house was never burnt. 

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Wine Bottle Holder

This is a unique wine bottle holder mounted on a base of antique pitch pine and supported by deer antler with a decanter and two wine glasses as extras.

This pine base is well over one hundred years old and is crafted from a church pew that was discarded when the Church at Killvalure Cemetry was deemed to be unsafe for use. 

A picture of  Killvalure Cemetry can be seen in the Pictures/Video section of this site.

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Coin Clock

  • The ‘half crown’- leat coroin in Irish shows the horse. 2s – 6d.
  • The ‘two shillings’- floirin in Irish depicts the leaping salmon. 2s.
  • The ‘shilling’- scilling in Irish  shows the bull. 1s.
  • The ‘sixpence’- reul in Irish has the Irish wolfhound. 6d 
  • The ‘threepence’-leat reul in Irish shows the hare. 3d.
  • The’penny’- pingin in Irish has the hen & chickens 1d.  
  • The ‘halfpenny’- leat pingin in Irish has the sow & bonhams. 1/2d
  • The ‘farthing’ – feoirling in Irish shows the woodcock. 1/4d

A time piece incorporating the complete set of old Irish coins set in a turned piece of oak timber with a quartz clock as a center piece.

The Irish Free State first minted its own coins in 1928 and each coin depicts a bird or animal relevant to Ireland

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Hiking / Walking Sticks

I craft a range of hiking/walking sticks to suit all walkers from the casual walker to the serious hill walker. I use hazel, holly, ash, blackthorn and horse chestnut. Each stick is carefully selected from  a renewable source and is naturally dried for two years before work begins on the stick.

Various hand pieces can be used, ie deer antler, cow horn, buffalo horn, ram horn and various timber.

I can personalise the stick to suit the clients requirement, ie a coin of your birth year, wildlife pewters, fishing fly, compass, a medal from the client, client’s name inscription, the list is endless.  Sticks are fitted with a copper or rubber ferrule and a lanyard cord can be fitted if required. 

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Hunting Crops

As a variation from the walking sticks I craft a range of hunting crops, quite a number of those I craft with a blackthorn shaft as requested by my clients. I collect most of that material for my sticks and hunting crops in the area around the Devils Bit overlooking Borrisoleigh, Barnane, Templemore. This area is known as Carden’s Wild Demense

Legend tells us that the Devils Bit was formed when the devil passed over Ireland and took a bite from the hill and dropped it in Cashel thus forming the famed Rock of Cashel.

On a more factual note Carden’s Wild Demesne refers to the infamous Carden Landlords who lorded over a starving and servile Irish peasant tenantry. They lorded over their estates for many centuries until their eventual demise. The lands being returned to the natives after Irish Independence was restored.

  ‘Rise up young men around Barnane

  And hasten to the fray, 

  And join the gallant General

  McSweeney from Killea.

  We’ll free the land that Patrick blessed

  And break the tyrant’s chain

  To plant our homesteads once again 

  On Carden’s Wild Demesne'

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Fishing Flies

I dress a range of fishing flies for river and lake fishing for brown trout.  I’m always available to give advice on fly fishing on any of our local rivers, The Clodiagh, The Drish and the river Suir.  I can arrange a fly tying night in our local hall for anyone interested in tying some of our local patterns.

This year we’re celebrating our 25th anniversary of fly tying as members of the Clodiagh Anglers Association . Attending our classes we have some brilliant fly tyiers who tie a range of salmon flies and are always more than willing to pass on their advice and tips on the salmon fishing. 

I create displays of flies on various bases for display purposes, often requested by pubs, shops etc.

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Cow Horn Lamp

This is a cow horn lamp crafted from chorlois cow horn and mounted on oak timber base.  The lamp is decorated with feathers and beads giving an Indian style look to the piece.