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Based in Waterford, Puncture Safe Southeast are the sole distributors for Puncture Safe sealant in the south east of Ireland. Puncture safe is a permanent puncture prevention treatment and tyre life extender conditioner.

It is not a get you home product, it is applied before the puncture occurs and permanently seals punctures as they happen and helps tyres maintain the correct air pressure.

What It Does

  • It seals punctures as they happen.
  • Increases the life of the tyre.
  • Makes your car more fuel efficient.
  • Gives you piece of mind, which in today's world is priceless.

Did you know new cars don't come with a spare wheel and the last thing you want on a school run or on your way to work is a puncture.

The Stats

  • 66% of cars are running on under inflated tyres.
  • 42% are so low they are at risk of crashing.
  • 6% of fatal motorway accidents are caused by under inflated tyres.
  • A drop of 8 psi can increase your fuel consumption by 3% (4c / litre).


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Tim Forristal

Tim Forristal

Tim Forristal

Products & services

Tim Forristal is the owner of Puncture Safe Southeast and has been fully trained by the manufacturer of the product in Exeter.

The manufacturers are one of the largest manufacturers of puncture prevention treatments worldwide and have been established 20 years.

Puncture Safe ;

  • Installs quickly and cleanly
  • Eliminates most flats and blowouts
  • Extends Tyre Life
  • Protects against under-inflation
  • Retards dry rot and casing degradation
  • Assists in heat reduction
  • Protects the inner surface of the tyre
  • Lasts the life of the tyre
  • Reduces porosity
  • Tyres run cooler

The R&D team say "It works & it works for the life of the tyre"

PunctureSafe is a special blend of polymers which coats and clings to the inner wall of the tyre. Puncturesafe is a “permanent” puncture preventative and tyre life extender/conditioner.

Previously available products (and most current ones) have simply "fallen apart" at speeds of 40mph and over, because they were manufactured for the construction industries slow vehicles, but eventually made their way into the high-speed markets, creating problems.

PunctureSafe is not a get you home product, it is applied before the puncture occurs, and permanently seals punctures, it conditions the inner casing, preventing porosity leaks caused by tiny holes and cracks.

In other words, after installing PunctureSafe, the tyres maintain correct air pressure and the need to regularly top up with air is virtually eliminated and with correctly inflated tyres, you get better fuel economy, your tyres also run cooler eliminating that problem of heat build-up.

Tyres treated with PunctureSafe last considerably longer and cooler tyres are also less susceptible top punctures. PunctureSafe is water based for an easy cleanout if ever you need to.