Ver-Con Pest Watch - Pest, Vermin control services Co Tipperary, Munster, Ireland


Welcome to Ver-Con Pest Watch a safe and reliable pest and vermin control service based in Tipperary covering all parts of Ireland.

Our pest and vermin control service includes:

  • Feral Pigeons
  • Gulls
  • Crows/Magpies
  • Rabbits
  • Rats and other pests

We offer our pest and vermin control services to infestations in Homes ~ Farms ~ Mills ~ Grain Stores ~ Animal Feed Facilities/Sites ~ Heritage Sites ~ Quarry's ~ Storage Units ~ Workshops ~ Factories ~ Hotels ~ and many more

Call Tommy now on numbers provided to obtain more details on all pest and wildlife control services.


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Tommy Noonan

Severe economic damage is caused to commercial woodland areas by grey squirrels through their habit of stripping bark from trees to eat the soft tissue underneath.

Tommy Noonan

Ver-Con Pestwatch can deal with any Feral Pigeon infestation on any site or property.

Tommy Noonan

Crows can destroy crops.

Tommy Noonan

Feral Pigeons carry a number of diseases.

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The existence of a rats in ones business, home or farm is sure to effect your daily life or your business reputation for a number of reasons. Rats are well known to carry serious diseases which can effect humans or livestock. A number of these diseases can be deadly if you come in contact in anyway.  A rat infestation can also cause serious damage to a building.  They can contaminate animal feed and watering areas. Infestations of rats if not dealt with quickly and efficiently can lead to breaches of law. Business owners must provide a healthy and safe work place for all employees and visiting customers.

Ver-Con Pestwatch have specific rat control methods in place to suit the home owner and commercial properties. 

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The sight of Pigeons together with their colours my look beautiful however they can cause an unsightly and a potentially hazardous mess from their droppings they leave behind. The acid in their droppings can cause damage to certain types of stone in buildings such as heritage buildings, mills etc.  The droppings also cause slippery hazards on walkways.

Unfortunately Pigeons carry a number infectious diseases and allergies. Pigeons can also destroy crops and cause farmers unwanted problems such as dead pigeons getting into livestock food sources and watering areas.

Ver-Con Pestwatch can deal with any Feral pigeon infestation on any site or property.

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Crows and Magpies infestations is a very common problem in homes, heritage sites and farms. Like the pigeon, their droppings eats into concrete and certain types of stone and when it becomes airborne and toxic its particles are potentially harmful to humans and the environment. Crows and Magpies can effect tourist locations, crops and can be a problem in your garden.

They build in derelict buildings, Heritage buildings and Agri sheds & they are a real problem around grain stores and crops.

On-site surveys are carried out and methods put in place to deal with wild bird infestation problems.

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Rabbits, this beautiful little member of our wildlife can cause some real headaches causing damage to landscaped gardens and lawns.

They tend to destroy farmers crops and can become a real danger to valuable horses by burrowing holes in fields. They can become a problem on golf courses, training pitches etc.

Also rabbits carry a disease that spreads among themselves if they get over populated.

Ver-Con Pestwatch can control the wild rabbit problem for the good of their health and the problems they cause.

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The non native Grey Squirrel can cause damage in forestry areas by fraying and stripping bark on trees to consume the trees soft tissue. This Squirrel was let loose in Ireland in the early 1900's and now runs across the countryside throughout Ireland.

The Grey Squirrel has also over powered the native Red Squirrel where the Grey Squirrel is established longest.The grey is more robust than the Red and have a more varied diet.

The primary objective in controlling the Grey Squirrel is to conserve the native Red Squirrel and help the commercial woodland businesses.

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We are now providing our wildlife control services to businesses throughout Ireland such as:

  • Arrabawn
  • Glanbia
  • Liffey Mills
  • Roadstone
  • Bord Na Mona
  • Private owned Mills
  • Plantations

Call Tommy Noonan on numbers provided for advice and control of all your pest problems.