Pauls Car Service - Urlingford, Kilkenny


Pauls Car Service is located at Norton's Business Park, Graine, Urlingford, Co Kilkenny and offers a number of complimentary services including the following:

- Auto Crash Repairs

- Car Servicing & Repairs

- Farm Machinery

- HGV Vechicles

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yvonne guilfoyle

hi paul

my car needs a full service before nct in august...can you please give me a quote to do service

please and thanks


Products & services


Spray Painting & Body Repairs

The car on the right came in after being involved in side on collision. We replaced the entire side of the car and then spray painted the panels.

We used the latest technology to match the new colour with the original colour taking care to allow for fading on the original.

The picture on the right shows the car as it was brought in to the garage on our rescue truck.  

Products & services

The picture on the left shows the car after it was finished, the customer could not believe how perfect the finish was, they had been convinced it would never be right again.

The final stage of repairing a vehicle such as tyhe one shown, is to make the paint work look and feel showroom new. We only use the highest quality paint and materials.

Professional panel beating helps eliminate the need to replace expensive areas and parts and sculpt these back to their original shape.

Our goal is to make sure your car comes back showroom new.  

Products & services


We service all Makes and Models of cars. The service intervals of any given car are specified by the vehicle manufacturer in a service schedule and some modern cars display the due date for the next service electronically on the instrument panel.

The completed services are usually recorded in a service book. A complete service history usually adds to the resale value of a vehicle.


We provide a professional computer diagnostic service on all modern cars.

Modern cars today include computers (Electronic Control Unit (ECU)), which monitors several sensors, located throughout the engine, fuel and exhaust systems. When the computer system of the car detects a fault, two things are supposed to happen/monitored.

First, a warning light on the dashboard is set, to inform the driver that a problem exists. Second the code is recorded in the computer’s memory (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) so that it can later be retrieved by a technician for diagnosis and repair.

The key to good auto repair lies in troubleshooting the problem. Problem in cars could be caused due to number of reasons. Proper troubleshooting will eliminate the potential issues that aren’t the real problem and point you in the right direction. This can be achieved through ‘Diagnostics’.

Products & services


Spray Painting & Conservation

While farm machinery is typically built to last, the problem of rust can ruin the appearance of any machine and if left untreated can eat away enough of the metal to become much more that an aesthetic issue.

We clean and spray all farm machinery and as a result cause the machinery to be conserved for many years.


Spray Painting & Body Repairs 

As with farm machinery, we restore Heavy Goods Vehicles like the Dump Truck shown. This includes spray painting and panel beating.  For both HGV's and Farm Machinery, preparation is the key. It is essential to clean the bare metal first to remove any grease and oil. 

Products & services

Recovery Truck

Once a car has become immobilised, whether from a breakdown or a crash, the first challenge is to get it off the road and into a secure area, preferably the garage where the repair will take place.

Towing the car is not always the best option as the damage may worsen during the trip or loose parts may fall off and cause harm to other cars or passers by.

Our recovery truck eliminates all that risk by carrying the car fully supported and secured and delivering it to the garage without any further damage.