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Hi! Welcome to O'Shea PVC Doctor. We are specialists in the repair and maintenance of PVC windows and doors in the domestic properties throughout the Counties of Kerry, Cork and Limerick. We also specialise in fitting triple glazing PVC windows and doors.

O'Shea PVC Doctor services include the provision of new parts for PVC windows & doors such as handles, hinges, vents, locks, letterboxes, patio rollers, glass replacements, window replacements and also the maintenance and repair of windows and door problems. We also provide the installation of new triple glazing PVC windows and doors.

Here at O'Shea PVC Doctor, we strive for excellence and quality in everything we do from material selection and installation to using triple glazed windows and doors supplied from Munster Joinery, their A Rated PVC windows and doors offer the highest level of security, a reduction in outside noise and virtually no maintenance for years to come.

With over 10 years of experience in repairing and installing PVC windows and doors, we can confidently say that we are experts in this field. So, whether you require repairs or any of the other services we offer then get in touch today. You won’t be disappointed by our high standard of workmanship and affordability.

When you have your windows and doors repaired or replaced with us, you will get a first class job, from the initial design to ordering you could have your home transformed in a very short space of time. We provide the full finished service including removal of existing windows and doors, fitting, finishing off and removal of any rubble on completion of the installation. 

If you would like anymore information on our services, contact myself (Jason) through phone on 087 461 4197, alternatively you can get in touch by contacting me through email @osheapvcdoctor@gmail.com

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O'Shea PVC Doctor

O'Shea PVC Doctor

O'Shea PVC Doctor

O'Shea PVC Doctor

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PVC Windows & Doors Repairs:

Faulty or broken windows and doors can lead to increased home energy bills due to the loss of heat while also posing a security risk for your residential property. O'Shea PVC Doctor are available to complete windows and doors repairs in Kerry, Cork and Limerick for domestic property owners that are in need of efficient and professional window and door repair services.

Here at O'Shea PVC Doctor, We understand the important role windows and doors play in everyday home life, for both insulation and security purposes. We are window and door repair specialist who have many years of experience in resolving faulty and damaged windows and doors, which include broken handles and hinges, to faulty or draft prone windows and everything else in between, we have the skill and expertise to restore your windows and doors to full working order.

Almost all drafts coming through windows are caused by faulty hinges. If the hinges are not oiled regularly they will become stiff. The extra wear and tear on the hinges leads to a small or sometimes not so small gap that allows air to pass through the window. Once this has happened, you will need professionals like ourselves to fix the problem because the hinges must be replaced. Faulty hinges are responsible for the window not closing properly and for the drafts blowing into your home. New hinges will ensure that the PVC window closes tightly thus eliminating drafts and excess noise.

With our many years of experience with PVC windows and doors repairs, there is no repair work that we have not dealt with before so you can rest assured that we can maintain or repair your windows and doors quickly and at a price that is right for you. We pride ourselves in our customer satisfaction rate that is second to none.

You can also get in touch with us through our Facebook page by pressing on the link below:


Products & services

Information about triple glazing as follows:

Triple glazing has two layers of this gas, which means, it gives the windows better energy performance than double glazed windows. In fact, triple glazing can reduce heat loss by approximately 30% compared to double glazing so the energy savings are much higher, meaning your heating bills will be lower.

Triple glazing contains three panes of glass within a sealed frame, as opposed to the traditional two panes found in double glazing. In between the panes of glass you'll find argon gas and in some cases krypton gas, which is denser than air and has far better insulating properties.

If they are looked after with good care, they can last from 20 to around 50 or more years – particularly if clad externally in aluminium. The glass in a triple-glazed window may need to be replaced sooner as its gas filling can escape over time, compromising the thermal performance of the window.

Triple glazing can also add value to your home. It enhances the property's energy efficiency, leading to lower heating costs, an attractive feature for potential buyers. Additionally, triple glazing improves security, sound insulation, and overall comfort.

Do you want a home that’s both warmer and more energy efficient? If so, then triple-glazed windows are the perfect choice for you. As well as trapping in warmth, they have the best acoustic performance and sound insulation properties of most windows. With our triple glazing installed, your home will be cosier, as well as benefit from less noise and increased security. You could also enjoy cheaper heating bills.

Get in touch with myself (Jason) through phone on 087 461 4197 for more Information or to book our services, you can also get in touch with us through email @osheapvcdoctor@gmail.com 

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O'Shea PVC Doctor 5★ Reviews:

I absolutely recommend Jason. Connected with him enquiring about a broken handle and front door lock and he came the next day! And already booking another visit to sort other bits and pieces in the house! Great service!! - Marcelo Randis

I would highly recommend Jason, I sent a message enquiring about a broken handle and lock on a window and he came the next day and had the job done in 20 minutes - a great service! - Marian Cournane

Highly recommend Jason, very responsive, came and sorted out all the problems we were having with our windows and hinges and handles! Super fast and efficient! Thanks so much - Roisin Foley

Exceptional service call from Jason. Broken handles replaced, window latches fixed, a draughty door lined with a rubber seal. Such an obliging fella & hugely affordable - Fiona Horgan

Excellent service - Jason was so efficient. Replied very promptly and came exactly at the time stated. Had the part for the door in his van and installed within 20 minutes. Thanks a million - Aileen Maher

Amazing service and very polite and always on time did a great job at a dog flap highly recommended - Poshey Aherne

I had Jason out this morning to fix front door and windows. Excellent service. I would highly recommend him - Matt Hayes

Products & services

Products & services

Products & services

Products & services

Products & services

Products & services