E-Commerce & Business Network Solutions Ireland

E-Commerce & Business Network Solutions Ireland

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    Online Shop Creation in Ireland

    Online sales in Ireland are averaging over €5bn/year with an estimated 39% shoppers using a mobile phone and 44% using a desktop. 

    K&N Web Shop Design, in conjunction with Nakoo.Net is delighted offer businesses an easy and very affordable online shop - designed for mobile, desktop and tablet users.

    • Online Shop with Payment System 
    • Domain Name, Hosting, SEO and Network Membership 
    • An instant solution - fast and easy set up 
    • Includes Social Marketing Site to fully showcase your business
    • Designed for SEO, guaranteed to get you found on Google
    • Networking with other Businesses
    • Unlimited Products

    Most businesses are considering taking their first e-commerce step but often feel it is too costly or difficult, this is no longer the case -K&N Web Shop Design and the Nakoo.Net staff will create for you a very affordable and easy to use online shop.

    In addition to a full featured online shop and payment system, your business will get extra visibility on google and links to other business owners, all at a cost of a €250 once off fee. Domain name, hosting, SEO (getting found on google) and network membership is an extra cost and comes in at €100 per year.

    We have also set up the very first Business Online Network in Ireland,Some examples  of the benefits you will receive by joining our Network- Business Referalls,Group Discounts,Bulk Buying,Discounts from major companies,Chat forums,Weekly competitions,Business advice,File sharing,Advertise your own products are services and also receive  your own private timeline to make friends and chat privately to other members of the Network.

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    Website Creation

    A nakoo.net website is designed to be a mixture of a social media profile and a webpage. It has all the functionality of a webpage with a domain name and has customer interaction tools built-in. The main advantages of our sites are as follows:

    Easy to Edit: No need to pay a web designer every time you want to make a change to your site. A nakoo.net website is easy to change as many times as you like

    Side Feed: A twitter like feed is built in to each site allowing regular posts or for customers to write to you on the site. Typically a customer will type in this space to avoid making a phone call in work hours or to avoid using a work email to email you.

    Google: A nakoo.net website is designed to get found on google, keywords throughout the site will appear on google giving you numerous chances to get found. In one case a site was appearing under 75 different keywords on google. 


    SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

    A nakoo.net website is specifically engineered to get found on google. This is done by keeping the site free of clutter and allowing plenty of text, pictures and videos to be visible to google and other search engines. An example of keywords on some of our sites are as follows:

    • Firearms Dealer Tipperary (Paul O Halloran)
    • Interior Designer Tipperary (Kate Holohan)
    • Farm Spray Painters (Eurospray)
    • Home Improvements Howth (Top Quality Home Improvements)
    • Washing Machine Repair Mullingar (AR Electrical)

    When creating a nakoo.net website the main keywords a business needs to get found on are identified first and plenty of text relevant to those keywords is then created.

    A product listing on a nakoo.net website gives an extra SEO boost, every product can get found on google.


    Product Listing

    If a business sells products and does not require a full e-commerce site, the product listing feature is ideal. Every product can be shown including text, prices, photos and video.

    As well as essentially being an online shelf, he product listing section allows each product to act as a webpage - each product gets found on google in its own right. 

    In one case a business had 100 products, each one appearing on google!! A sample of a shop making good use of the product listing is www.paulohallorangunshop.com click on the Products link.


    Networking-The social and Business Network system Facilitates the following Services.

    Customers Network-Each business is free to use the network feature in any way the wish. This section can be used for the following:

    • A help forum for customers
    • A way to display more photos and videos
    • A network for customers
    • A business Network

    An example of a business using the network feature is www.dreamboxhelp.com. Other examples of the network section is to use it as a classroom resource for group work, a sports organisation can use it for membership purposes or a business group can use it to communicate with members.

    Business Networking - nakoo businesses can network with each other using the networking section.

    Customer Network - a business can use the network to increase their interaction with customers and thus build their customer relationships

    Employee Network- a business with remote workers can use the network as an online workspace where they can interact with their employees each day and where their employees can interact with each other for support and information


    Community Network- community groups and clubs can use the networking section to post information and interact with their members.



    The easiest and most risk free way to set up an online shop is to buy a shop on nakoo.net. The shop will be set up for you and the payment system is put in place for no extra cost.

    Each product can be uploaded with ease and includes a number of features including the following:

    • Drop Down menus can be customised to suit
    • Text entry box lets customer type a note in the product as they order
    • Each product appears on Shop Owners Profile
    • Social Media widgets allows sharing across networks

    The shop can be integrated into your nakoo.net website and includes widgets to promote each product on social media.

    An example of a working ecommerce shop can be seen at www.channelstreamtv.com

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  • Nakoo.net is an Irish based system designed to help small businesses take their business online in a number of ways. The system facilitates businesses regardless of the level of online presence they require. Some businesses may only want to get found on google and nothing else, others may want the full online shop and others may want every feature available.

    Nakoo,net has a mission to remove all the barriers for businesses wanting to get their business online.