Nail Technician Cork - I decided  to go further with my passion for health and beauty, and started studying in Elite Nail and Beauty Academy. I graduated with certificates of achievements in oil/spa and paraffin treatment manicure, Acrylic nail extension course, UV gel polish application workshop and Nail art course.

I am offering a variety of professional treatments in a nice tranquil atmosphere, with very high health and hygenic standards. Every one that has visited me for a treatment has left happy and my work speaks for itself.

Appointments are always limited, so don't miss your chance to be treated like a Queen, and book your preferable treatment now.


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Products & services

Paraffin Wax Treatment Manicure - this offer includes: 

  • Soaking.
  • Cuticle Work.
  • Shaping.
  • Exfoliant.
  • Paraffin wax - 15 minutes with cotton gloves.
  • Hand and forearm massage.
  • Clear nail polish.
  • Cuticle oil.

The Benefits of using Paraffin Wax:

Paraffin is a natural emollient and it adds moisture to the skin while the wax is being applied and it also helps to create moisture in your skin long after the treatment is applied. This creates a sort of a barrier on your skin that helps to retain the oils that your body naturally produces.

Products & services

The Top 4 Benefits of Exfoliating:

1: Improvement of the skin texture, exfoliating encourages the skin renewal process and makes way for your new healthy cells to shine through. Your complexion transforms from rough and dull to soft and glowing.

2: Reducing the symptoms of acne and hormonal breakouts, if you have acne prone skin or you fall victim to monthly hormonal breakouts, exfoliation is a must for you.

3: Improved moisture absorption when layers of dead skin cells build up, its difficult for your new skin to properly absorb the nourishing moisturisers and serums you apply every day.

4: Challenging the aging process, as you age you may notice your skin becoming rougher. This is caused by build up of multiple layers of dead skin cells, that have accumulated over time.

Products & services

The Benefits of using Thermal Mitts:

This is the deluxe part a manicure and essential to increase penetration of the moisturisers applied to the nails and skin for longer lasting benefits and softer smoother skin. It softens the cuticles, helps nails and skin retain its natural moisture and helps prevent hangnails.

Spa Manicure/VIP Manicure - this offer includes:

  • Soaking.
  • Cuticle Work.
  • File - Shape.
  • Exfoliate.
  • Hand Mask.
  • Thermal Mitts - 10 minutes.
  • Hand and Forearm Massage.
  • Polish of your choice.
  • Cuticle Oil.

Products & services

Price List

  • Mini Manicure - €20.00.
  • File and Polish (Colour) - €10.00.
  • File and Polish (French) - €15.00.
  • VIP/SPA Manicure (Colour) - €42.00 (60mins).
  • VIP/SPA Manicure (French) - €47.00.
  • Paraffin Wax treatment Manicure - €40.00 (1hr - 10mins).
  • Full set of Acrylic Nails (Colour) - €50.00.
  • Full set of Acrylic Nails (French) - €55.00.
  • Refills 3/4 weeks - €40.00.
  • Re Balance 5/6 weeks - €45.00.
  • UV Gel Polish - €30.00.
  • UV Gel Polish (French) - €35.00.
  • Acrylic Overlay - €45.00.
  • Single application of stones, glitter or custom arts from 50c each nail.

Products & services

Price List Continued:

  • Full Manicure and Polish (Soak, Cuticle, File, Scrub and Hand Cream) Colour - €30.00.
  • Full Manicure and Polish (Soak, Cuticle, File, Scrub and Hand Cream) French - €35.00.
  • Removal of UV Gel Polish - €10.00.
  • Removal and Reapplication - €35.00.
  • Removal and Reapplication (French) - €40.00.
  • Removal UV Gel Polish and Mini Manicure (Cuticle, File and Polish) - €28.00.
  • Removal UV Gel Polish and Mini Manicure (Cuticle, File and Polish)  French - €30.00.
  • Removal of Gel or Acrylic Extensions - €15.00.
  • Removal of Gel or Acrylic and new set of Extensions - €60.00.
  • Removal of Gel or Acrylic and new set of Extensions (French) - €65.00.


Products & services

Products & services