Domestic Appliance Repairs Nenagh


Hi, my name is Michael Gleeson, I am based in Nenagh and I repair Washing Machines, Dryers, Dishwashers and other domestic appliances.

The primary services I provide are as follows:

- All plumbing repairs and servicing

- All heating repairs and servicing

- All domestic appliance repairs including washing machines, dishwashers, dryers and cookers

The above services are available in Nenagh and surrounding parishes and includes private homes and businesses.

I do not charge a call out fee, customers can feel safe that they will only be charged for work done and any necessary parts.

All plumbing services offered include the repair of bust pipes, leaking tanks and cylinders, fixing and replacing taps, toilets and showers etc.

All heating and servicing include fixing and replacing of radiators, service and repair of the oil boiler and also the commissioning of new oil boilers.

Domestic appliance repairs include all types of repair and servicing to washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, and cookers.

I also provide any parts needed to fix the appliance.

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Boiler and stanley

Hi Michael do you service boilers and a Stanley range. Can you give an estimate

Charmaine Ryan

Sorry I didn't give you my phone number its 0876285277 thank you. Regards .
Charmaine Ryan

Charmaine Ryan

Hi, I have a hob that needs a new ring . A shower that needs attention and a wash badin that needs new taps !

Colm O

Do you repair fridge freezers? Freezer is cold but fridge compartment is not cooling

Bridget Gardiner

Miele washing machine leaking under door , I think it needs new rubber seal.087 690 4890.Cheers

Bridget Gardiner

Mila washing machine leaking under door I think it needs new door seal


Hi Michael, do you fix cooker, how much ?

Martin slattery

Michael dishwasher issue. No water probably a float or something.

Claire Wood

Hi Michael do you fix dishwashers how much

Phyllis O Donoghue

Hi Michael do you fix fridges please. 085 1519827

Products & services

Dryer Maintenance

It is important to keep your appliances maintained on a regular basis. There are many tasks that you can perform quite easily and doing so can add years to the life of your appliance.

The picture on the right shows the filter which is located in the door compartment in many clothes dryers.

This filter can become clogged and will cause problems and inefficiencies. It is important to remove this filter and clean it at least once a month.

Check the area below the filter also, damp lint and other material can collect here and may eventually block the filter.

My Workshop - I strive to minimise disruption in any househild I work in, for more complex jobs, rather than taking over part of your house for extended periods,  I have a workshop where I can fix any appliance that cannot be fixed on site or that might take a while to fix.

The workshop is fully kitted out and is designed to hold numerous machines and is organised in a manner that allows maximum efficiency with regard to repairs.

An example of how this service could work is that I call to a house first thing in the morning, take the machine to my workshop, repair it during the day and return it late the same evening. While same day repair is not guaranteed, it is something I aim to do.

I provide top quality customer care at all times and the facilities in my workshop as wel as my experience and training ensures top quality repairs. 

Products & services

Dishwasher Maintenance

As with all appliances, your dishwasher requires regular maintenance to ensure it operates at peak efficiency and also to prolong its life.

Remove and check the spinning arms. Look to make sure all the holes are open so that water can run through them freely. 

Clear any debris out of the holes in spinning arms. Take care not to scratch anything if you're using a tool with a metal point. If these holes are very small, bend a fine wire with a tiny hook on one end. Thread the wire through the opening most distant from the center of the arm.

Each time you do this a small amount of debris will come out. This is time consuming. Run the washer to eject the matter when finished.

Inspect the bottom of your dishwasher around the drain, this is where wastewater goes. Look for debris clogging up this area.

You shouldn't have to clean this often if you're careful about what you put in your dishwasher, but you should remove any solid matter that builds up, especially bits of paper, shards of broken dishes, gravel, etc.

You may be able to pick up solid objects accumulated on the outside by hand.

Products & services

Washing Machine Maintenance

Newer machines have built-in dispensers for detergent, fabric softener and bleach. These need to be cleaned regularly.

Each dispenser should be cleaned every month to six weeks to keep them working well. You certainly don't want them dumping too much product in your wash load or failing to empty at the correct time.

Too much detergent causes overflowing suds, too much fabric softener can leave blue or greasy-looking spots on clothing and bleach can actually ruin colored clothing.

To clean, be sure the washer is empty. Warm 1 cup of white vinegar in the microwave or in a small saucepan. Pour it into the dispenser and allow it to sit for a few minutes to loosen any build up.

Run the machine following a normal cycle. If you have removable dispensers, they can be submerged in warm vinegar and then rinsed with clear water and replaced in the machine.