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Based in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, Mid West Chimney Cleaning is owned and operated by David Morrissey and provides chimney cleaning services throughout North Tipperary and parts of Limerick and Galway (includes areas such as Newport, Borrisokane, Borrisoleigh, Thurles, Ballina, Killaloe and Portumna).

Mid West Chimney Cleaning is fully certified and insured and David guarantees a no fuss - no mess cleaning service using a power sweeping method that is highly efficient and far more effective that older methods.

Services offered are as follows:

  • Basic Chimney Clean
  • Cresote/Sulpher Removal
  • Camera Inspection
  • Stove Servicing
  • Change Fireback
  • Factory Clean/Estates

As well as an efficient and thorough cleaning service, customer service, cleanliness and tidiness within the customers premises are a high priority, great care is taken to ensure the rooms are left exactly the way they were at the start.

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I need chimney off stove cleaned. In Ballina. What is availability and cost please?


Hi David just wondering could you do a chimney clean in ballina, and how its look with prices


Hi David just wondering could you do a chimney clean in clare glens it is a stove

Mark Tanner

Thorough gentleman, very clean, excellent service and great value.

Anne Raleigh

Just got the chimney/stove cleaned and not a bit of soot anywhere in the sitting room as promised. I even ran my hand along the mantle, nothing!!!!! Top class job and a very nice man to deal with, would highly recommend David

Audrey McMahon

Thanks a million David, great job very professional and spotless, highly recommended.

John Kennedy

Dave - thank for a great service. Much appreciated.
John Kennedy Nenagh

Products & services

Chimney Clean

A yearly chimney clean can be one of the most important tasks a homeowner can do to keep their family and property safe and at a price of just €50 it is an extremely good investment.

The Process

Firstly the chimney is assessed to check if it has a flue, a steel liner etc. The appropriate head is chosen and protective sheets and other measures put in place.

On completion of the work the entire site is checked for cleanliness and tidiness.

Products & services

Cresote/Sulpher Removal

As well as a basic chimney clean, Mid West Chimney Cleaning offer a cresote and sulpher removal service. Chimneys are inspected with a camera first to check if the offending material is present, then chains are used to remove the material.

Cresote and Sulpher are typically not removed by normal cleaning and a build up can cause a serious fire risk. 

Cresote - One of the potential causes of cresote build up is the practice of burning wood that has not been dried out fully, coal use can also contribute. Another cause could be a flue that is too large for a wood burning stove or fireplace.

Sulphur - In some cases condensation in the flue can combine with sulphur and also with the sulphates in the chimney to form weak acids which, over a period of time, cause damage to the chimney.

Products & services

Camera Inspection

Camera inspections are typically done to check for blockages caused by nests or sand, cracked flues, a build up of creosote etc. This can be quite important to determine a specific chimney problem and to avoid a trial and error situation when fixing the problem. 

A common problem exposed by a camera inspection is a cracked flue and this often shows up as sand from the chimney flowing down into the fireplace or stove.

Products & services

Servicing and Repairs

Stove Servicing

Mid west Chimney cleaning also offer stove servicing, typical tasks include installing new baffles, fire brick and fire rope where necessary.


For open fires the fireback can crack over time and sand can start to come through. Firebacks can be either replaced or fixed, replacing is usually the most effective option.

Products & services

Chimney Cowls

Mid west Chimney Cleaning supply and fit all types of chimney cowls. The function of a cowl varies depending on the type used.

Prevent Backflow - A badly designed chimney can result in poor updraft and can even cause smoke to flow back into the room. Cowls can stabilise the backflow or increase the draught.  

Prevent Bird Nests - Nests can cause a reduction in the flow of air and therefore smoke from the chimney. In an extreme case it can block the chimney completely and increase the risk of fire. Cowls can prevent birds from getting into the chimney and stops them from building their nests inside it.

Rain Guard - Cowls can prevent rain from flowing down the chimney.