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We are delighted and proud to be one of Ireland's newest suppliers of LIQUAFIX S.

LIQUAFIX S is the number 1 top quality product for tarmac & asphalt surfaces. Used by professionals for commercial use, but now readily available for the D.I.Y Home Owner.

LIQUAFIX S is the best Tarmac paint product on the market today, when applied correctly.

Unlike other bitumen based tarmac paint & repair products available in D.I.Y stores, LIQUAFIX S is a high quality Polymer modified bituminous coating and not only transforms the surface for a longer period of time, it also replaces lost resins and colour from the Tarmac.

LIQUAFIX S rejuvenates old worn and stained tarmac surfaces and renews the finish to a fresh uniform appearance. 

Email: carlamcloughlin82@icloud.com

Please Note: Not to be used on concrete drive ways

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jason keely

Hi ,looking for a quote please for 500sq meters ?


Kevin Ryan

Any supplier in this area for Liquafix S and how much for 25 Liters Kevin Ryan, Galway

john mckiernan

i need to cover 100 sq mitres can you give me the overall price please thank you john

john mckiernan

[Hi i need to cover 60 square mt what will the over all cost be thank youquote namHie="loraine"]How much for 40m square[/quote]
John says:Hi there I need a quote for a surface area of around 500m square thanks

Edel Kilbride

[Hi Can you let me know costs involved please.


Have you a price list on your products


How much for 40m square

Adrian Godwin

How much is this product? Can you let me know.

Please quote

Please quote for 200sq/M

alan o connor

Could you send me a price for the coverage of 50sq metres.

Products & services

We supply  two top Quality Products to leave your driveway looking like new.

LIQUAFIX S rejuvenates old worn and stained tarmac surfaces and renews the finish to a fresh uniform appearance.

REPHALT :  is a ‘state of the art’ fill material which is used to repair potholes in tarmacadam, asphalt and concrete. 

Please Note : All areas must be clean, free from dirt and loose materials, Repair any surface defects using REPHALT.

Top Tips to leave your driveway looking like new.

  • Power wash your drive
  • Remove weeds, moss & stones
  • Repair any holes (using rephalt) & fill any ground where it may have sunk (around drains)
  • Tape all areas kerb stones bottom of wall etc etc
  • Mix @ratio 5:1 approx liquafix s 5 white spirit 1
  • Apply Liquafix s only when ground is dry and no forecast for rain
  • Allow to dry 4-6 hours (depending on weather conditions)

We also supply the following items at a very competitive price: Paint brushes - Paint buckets & trays - Paint rollers & handles - Tape - White spirit 

Products & services


  • Sets as hard as asphalt following contact with water & compaction
  • Is environmentally friendly, does not contain solvents and is applied cold from the container.
  • Can be used on all repair jobs, driveways, motorways and car parks
  • Is suited for industrial areas requiring repairs as it stands up to heavy lorries provided the foundation is appropriate.

Application of Rephalt is simple & cost effective as it can be carried out by one person using the simplest equipment.

Products & services


  • Is a high quality polymer modified bituminous coating
  • Product lasts longer
  • Replaces lost resins and colour from the tarmac
  • Can be used on concrete (walls)
  • Competitive prices - leaves a top quality finish with only one coat
  • Rejuvenates old worn driveways
  • Covers 6 SQ.M per litre approx- touch dry in 4-6hrs