D.I.Y Tarmac Paint & Repair Ireland

D.I.Y Tarmac Paint & Repair Ireland

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    Hello & Welcome to D.I.Y Tarmac Paint & Repair

    We are delighted and proud to be one of Ireland's newest suppliers of LIQUAFIX S.

    LIQUAFIX S is the number 1 top quality product for tarmac & asphalt surfaces. Used by professionals for commercial use, but now readily available for the D.I.Y Home Owner.

    LIQUAFIX S is the best Tarmac paint product on the market today, when applied correctly.

    Unlike other bitumen based tarmac paint & repair products available in D.I.Y stores, LIQUAFIX S is a high quality Polymer modified bituminous coating and not only transforms the surface for a longer period of time, it also replaces lost resins and colour from the Tarmac.

    LIQUAFIX S rejuvenates old worn and stained tarmac surfaces and renews the finish to a fresh uniform appearance. 

    Email: carlamcloughlin82@icloud.com

    Please Note: Not to be used on concrete drive ways

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    We supply  two top Quality Products to leave your driveway looking like new.

    LIQUAFIX S rejuvenates old worn and stained tarmac surfaces and renews the finish to a fresh uniform appearance.

    REPHALT :  is a ‘state of the art’ fill material which is used to repair potholes in tarmacadam, asphalt and concrete. 

    Please Note : All areas must be clean, free from dirt and loose materials, Repair any surface defects using REPHALT.

    Top Tips to leave your driveway looking like new.

    • Power wash your drive
    • Remove weeds, moss & stones
    • Repair any holes (using rephalt) & fill any ground where it may have sunk (around drains)
    • Tape all areas kerb stones bottom of wall etc etc
    • Mix @ratio 5:1 approx liquafix s 5 white spirit 1
    • Apply Liquafix s only when ground is dry and no forecast for rain
    • Allow to dry 4-6 hours (depending on weather conditions)

    We also supply the following items at a very competitive price: Paint brushes - Paint buckets & trays - Paint rollers & handles - Tape - White spirit 



    • Sets as hard as asphalt following contact with water & compaction
    • Is environmentally friendly, does not contain solvents and is applied cold from the container.
    • Can be used on all repair jobs, driveways, motorways and car parks
    • Is suited for industrial areas requiring repairs as it stands up to heavy lorries provided the foundation is appropriate.

    Application of Rephalt is simple & cost effective as it can be carried out by one person using the simplest equipment.



    • Is a high quality polymer modified bituminous coating
    • Product lasts longer
    • Replaces lost resins and colour from the tarmac
    • Can be used on concrete (walls)
    • Competitive prices - leaves a top quality finish with only one coat
    • Rejuvenates old worn driveways
    • Covers 6 SQ.M per litre approx- touch dry in 4-6hrs
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  • D.I.Y Tarmac Repair is a new business just opened in Lisnaskea.

    We feel by opening here in Lisnaskea we will bring many advantages to all new customers,not just in Lisnaskea but throughout Ireland.

    By keeping our stores well stocked here in Ireland,means no long waiting times for pallets to arrive from the U.K and keeps delivery costs down for you the customer.

    Our products are used by professionals for commercial use,but now readily available for the D.I.Y Home Owner at a competitive price.

    • Top Quality products
    • Faster delivery times
    • Cheaper delivery