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Hi, my name is Tanya Embleton, my business is The Leather Works. I am a working saddler based in Upperchurch in the Slieve Fhelim mountains in North Tipperary.

I have gained 30 years experience and knowledge in my trade building a great comradeship with clients whilst establishing a fine reputation in the area of saddlery. I pride myself on quality finished work with most of my business coming through word of mouth and repeat custom.    

My expertise includes all repairs, saddle restoration, new trees, seats, flocking and harness repair.  When it comes to saddle fitting I offer the choice of bringing your horse or pony to me or indeed for your convenience I can travel to you providing a free fitting service with a €200 purchase within a 30 mile visit. An additional charge of €1 per mile one way applies outside a thirty mile radius, however we can negotiate in certain circumstances.

I also specialise in new made to measure bridle work, belts, heavy nose bands or whatever your requirements may be. We carry with us a good selection of horse related items to meet your needs.

All saddles are guaranteed sound and for your peace of mind they are sold on a 14 day trial basis for return or exchange - quality used saddles at quality prices.  

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Aoife Embleton

The Leather Works = Hogbens Saddle and Harness Makers

Lucas Williams

How much would it cost to get the bottom of a knee roll Re stitched

Lucas Williams

How much would it cost to get the bottom of a knee roll restiched

Products & services

List of Products and Services

Services include saddle fitting and reflocking (flocking is wool) which are two distinct yet very much related items riders must consider for rider and animal comfort.  I also provide the service of traveling to your home to assess the horse or pony, wherein  fitting of the proper saddle will take place (either an existing saddle or from our stock). 

Repairs to your saddles and most leather items are traditionally hand stitched from traditional materials. The leather is a selected favored source from a traditional Oak Bark Tannery in Devon due to its quality, durability and finish. All skins are from animals used as a food source only.

The Leather Works  normally carry a stock of 80 to 100 used saddles that are fully refurbished and guaranteed sound, sold on a 14 day trial basis offering the choice of return or exchange. The fittings are of the highest quality and English made.  

Products & services

The Leather Works  are also retailers of Rugs (Traditional full neck covering) - Bridles - Head collars - Stirrups - Bits (Selection of second hand bits) - Coolers - Driving harnesses - Lunging gear - practically all horse related products 

·   My workshop is based in the Upperchurch Hills and  I carry a huge range of reconditioned saddles of the best English, German or Swiss brands.

·  I mostly trade in saddles made in a traditional way as these can be altered and repaired and have a very long working life.

·  Cheaper production methods using plastics and foam do not have the same durability or repairability as saddles made using traditional methods, yet this is not usually reflected in the retail price.

My customer base comes from all over Ireland and we have sent saddles all over the world. We serve many hunts, pony clubs, riding schools, racing yards and private individuals across the country