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Hi, we are Christy and Betty Slattery and our business is Latteragh Crafts, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, Ireland.

We create a range of handmade Irish Crafts in our home workshop.  All products are sourced locally from recycled old Irish Slate to Bog Oak found in local wetlands.

We also incorporate Decoupage in our craft designs. Every product is uniquely imaginative with no two creations identical.  

Note: Latteragh is located between Nenagh and Borrisoleigh in County Tipperary, Ireland.

An example of our crafts are as follows: -  Picture Frames -  Free Standing or hanging Clocks -  Slate Mirrors -  Place mats -  Slate top coffee tables -  Cheese Boards -  Serving Platuers -  slate based Lamps -  Abstract Bog Oak Pieces -  Commissioned pieces and much much more

We supply Wholesale and Retail for home and abroad customers.  Various additional charges for delivery will apply. 

                "Hand crafted creations from old Irish Slate"

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Pamela Brannigan

Are you able to paint/embedd pictures to slates that we would provide. Picure of an old house on the slates of the property

Patricia McMorrow

Do you make slate table lamps?

Products & services

Slate Crafts

Latteragh Crafts specializes in beautiful hand made self designed or specially commissioned pieces from recycled old Irish Slate.

Each one made is very distinctive and original.  Every piece takes full commitment and attention to detail for that unique outcome. The carefully hand chiselled edges often dictates the finished look.

We often incorporate the Art of Decoupage which can give a personalized and pleasing result for our client.

We encourage and welcome commissioned designs for that individual requirement. 

The Slate is quite durable for a variety of uses.  Its easily maintained and cleaned. The lacquering prevents further chipping and is heat tolerant.  The slate crafted piece is very complementary in ones home as the colour black is friendly to any home decor.  It makes a perfect gift for whatever the occasion may be. 

Products & services

Bog Oak Sculptures/Designs

Our Bog Oak products are created from Oak aged in Ireland's peat bogs for hundreds of years. 

The Bog Oak piece itself inspires the finished abstract look.  Once a piece is seen it suggests and portrays different images.

Back home in our workshop we can create a wide range of inventive products from Bog Oak which includes Home Accessories or Ornaments.  They also make endearing Garden Features or can be just used for that stand alone abstract look.

Bog Oak and Old Irish Slate pair well together to give that extraordinary unusual look.

Typically our pieces can serve as a wonderful unique gift that's fitting to all occasions and special events.

Products & services


Decoupage is the Art or Craftsmanship of decorating a selected object.  Its entails pasting, lacquering, varnishing and sealing.  

The process gives an impression of depth with a certain aura to the piece.  

It projects the look of a picture or paper cutting as if its actually being painted on to the object.

In most requested cases it is Photo's, House Blessings, Prayers or Songs 

The Art of Decoupage can often service as a very personal gift.

Samples are as follows:

Sports Teams - Film Stars - Irish Figures - Family Pets - Confirmations - Weddings - Landscapes - Tribal Designs - Irish Ballads - Monologues/Soliloquy's - Quotations  

Products & services

Stove Backdrop

The commissioned design that can be seen on the picture on the left was intended for a specific purpose, to camouflage an unsightly sight above a newly installed stove.

It needed to fit the surrounds and act as a unique feature without being to obvious.

During the planning stage of this project many ideas and thoughts were thrown out there and debated upon and after much deliberation, the decorative design we decided to go with was two Gothic shaped mirrors on either side of a long strip like feature to match and blend in.

The result was most pleasing to all concerned. 

Note:  Check out our over mantel mirrors which comes in various shapes and sizes.

Glass for Mirrors is purchased locally from Tipperary Glass.