Kilroy Klamp - Home Heating Oil Anti Theft Device


Welcome to Kilroy Klamp, which is a new, very robust high visibility and anti-theft protection for all home heating oil tanks and diesel tanks.

We are based in Cashel Co Tipperary.

Let me introduce this Irish made product. It is a once off universal easy fit device designed to help protect your home heating oil or diesel from being stolen. The Kilroy Klamp has a high visibility profile using a Yellow coloured image which immediately acts as deterent and decreases greatly the risk of trespass onto your property.

Key Features:

  • Cost effective device - Galvanised for a long life - Easy fit - Does not look out of place - Includes waterproof Neoprene gaskets.

Comes with:

Hardened Steel Paddlock (40 mm) - Three keys - Chrome plated hardened double locking shackle - Protective chrome plated ring base - Hardened double ball locking mechanism for maximum protection - Protected against drilling, picking and rust.


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Tom Russell

Tom Russell

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The perfect choice:

This new anti-theft lock is the perfect choice for those requiring a heavy-duty shackle for any tanks that store home heating oil or diesel. Our rust proof padlock is ideal for businesses or homes. It features a hardened steel protective bar which runs through the cap of the tank. It has a high visibility image, which can be seen from a distance at night. This will act as a deterrent.

Very simple to fix to your tank and very effective.
Who should get the Kilroy Klamp:
 Homes with out door kerosene tanks
 Farms
 Commercial businesses
 Churches and Schools
 Community centres
 Sport dressing rooms  
 Hotels/Bars
"Basically anyone with an oil or diesel tank"- "If you can’t stop them at least make it difficult for them"

Your business could be at risk. Your home heating oil could under scrutiny. 

Call Tom Russell on : 087 6829373 or 06264858 - Email:

Products & services

Fitting Instructions:

  1. Place device across centre of filler cap as shown in image 1
  2. Push the ends of the anchor pins against the up stand/filler cap
  3. Mark contact points of anchor
  4. Drill diameter holes (Min 10mm) 
  5. Place klamp in place
  6. Push both anchor pins through the drilled holes ensuring each anchor pin is fitted with a neoprene
  7. Push snugly against the upstand/filler cap while aligning an appropiate hole on the locator bar with an appropriate hole on the locking arm
  8. Then fit the lock provided as shown on main image

Please note: When fitting The Kilroy Klamp, ensure that the image is facing in the direction that gives the highest visibility.