Karl Hyden - Mental Toughness Coaching For Introverted Professionals


Based in Cork, Ireland, Karl Hyden is a Mental Toughness Coach for Introverted Professionals and Business Owners and works with clients all over the world from more than 30 countries.

Here is a sampling of topics and work situations that Karl can help you master.

  • Getting Confident in Sales
  • Reassessing Your Career Direction
  • Navigating Life Stage Transitions
  • Bouncing Back from Stress, Pressure, and Challenges
  • Making More Money in Business
  • Dealing with / Managing / Resolving Workplace Conflict
  • Authentic Public Speaking
  • Going for That Promotion
  • Work / Life Balance Challenges
  • Getting through a Course of Study or Degree
  • “Finishing” Projects, Degrees, Dissertations, Presentations
  • How to Say No (to Your Boss / Colleagues / Staff / Customers)
  • Job Hunting Skills
  • Coming Out of Your Shell
  • Standing Up to Rejection
  • Standing Up for Yourself
  • Interview Preparation Skills
  • Dealing with Interpersonal Communication Challenges
  • Managing Your Boss
  • Managing Difficult Staff / Co-workers / Customers
  • The Art of Speaking Up
  • Being an Introverted Leadership
  • Building Self Confidence & a Positive Self Image
  • Leaving Corporate Work
  • Becoming a Successful Business Owner / Consultant
  • Coming Back from Burn Out / Rust Out
  • Re-entering the Workforce after a Period of Absence

and lots more situations... click here to learn more

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Karl Hyden

Karl seamlessly blends relationships with results, fun with focus, and trust with traction. A top-class service provider.

Karl Hyden

I highly recommend Karl as a mentor and coach – he succeeds in getting you to pull up your socks and think positive and still manages to do this in the nicest possible way.

Karl Hyden

I’ve never experienced anything like this before and words are insufficient to thank you. It was like a thousand things clicked together. I don’t want this to fade.

Products & services

If you are an Introvert, I can help you to: 

  • Overcome the personality barriers keeping you from the contracts, or success you want and deserve
  • Learn to not go into ‘inner meltdown mode’ when someone criticizes you or your work
  • Bounce back and get your creative self flowing again even when you are under pressure
  • Learn to stand your ground and stand up for yourself to get your point across ..and lots more.

To find out more about us click on the following links:

The 'Leveraging Your Introvert Super Power' Immersion Program is a 4-month, private coaching experience for Introverted Professionals and Business Owners to help them turn their Introversion into their Super Power.

So why not explore my website. Learn more about who I am. Learn about what I do because it might be of use to you.

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