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Daniela Kocis Fitzgerald is a HR and Employment Law Consultant based in Dublin with over 10 years Management and HR experience. Daniela is CIPD qualified and an accredited psychometric assessor with extensive experience across all SME sectors and a keen interest in community projects.

HR Dept provide the following services:

  • Helping Business Owners and Managing Directors in the SME sector prevent their people problems by providing commercially focused HR services and employment law advice.
  • Equipping business owners and Managing Directors with an understanding of HR and employment law, so that they can ensure they are always legally compliant.
  • Taking the pain of managing employees away, so that they can focus on running the business.

Services cover everything to do with employing people and will help you prevent people problems or resolve problems when they do occur:

  • HR Consultancy
  • Fully indemnified advice for retained clients
  • Employment law advice
  • Contracts of employment and handbooks. Policies and procedures
  • Disciplinary and grievance, bullying and harassment
  • Workplace investigations
  • Performance management and appraisals
  • Training and development
  • Absence management
  • Redundancy management
  • TUPE transfers
  • Psychometric testing

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Daniela Kocis Fitzgerald

What happens if we train them and they leave? Worse, what happens if you don’t and they stay? We can support your business with any training and development needs!

Products & services

Advice Line
As an Advice Line customer you'll have access to unlimited HR advice and support via phone and email.

SMEs can rarely justify the cost of a full time in-house HR presence, making outsourcing by far and away the best solution.

With the Advice Line you'll have access to expertly provided local HR support from a qualified professional, one that'll get to know your business and how you operate, all at a fraction of the cost of an in-house HR professional.

Crucially, our Advice Line includes Tribunal Indemnity Insurance, so as long as you've followed our advice from outset you're covered against any Tribunal costs and potential awards.

Flying Start
This is our package designed specifically for micro businesses taking on their first employees, giving you the peace of mind that you're legally compliant as you start to grow.
If you're a micro-business gearing up to take on your first staff member, rest assured we have the expertise to help you take the first leap. Whether you have 1 employee or 100,

employment law still applies. So you need to make sure your HR is ready to go straight out of the blocks.

When taking a Flying Start package, you'll have access to a wide range of support with employment contracts, recruitment and much more.
This is the perfect first step to put your mind at ease when taking that first step into employing people.

Pay as you go
Expert Pay as You Go HR support, as and when you need it. For those one-off HR issues that require a professionals opinion.

Our services are designed to help you achieve the result you want by telling you what you can do, not what you can’t. Whether it’s help with recruitment or redundancy or anything else a large corporate HR team could provide, The HR Dept can be of assistance, leaving you free to get on with growing your business.

These services are available on a Pay as You Go basis, providing small businesses with access to instant and affordable HR support directly from the experts on-site, by phone or by email.