Heartwise - Cardiac rehabilitation Diabetes and Weight Managment Clonmel Tipperary

Heartwise - Cardiac rehabilitation Diabetes and Weight Managment Clonmel Tipperary

  • Failte, Here at Heartwise Clonmel we specialise in exercise and lifestyle management for people who suffer from coronary heart disease. Our exercise classes are put in place to suit your fitness. 

    If you have undergone any of the following:

    • Heart Attack
    • Stent Implants
    • Valve Replacement
    • By-pass surgery

    If you suffer from:

    • Angina
    • Diabetes
    • High Blood Pressure
    • Obesity
    • Ailments that lead to heart disease 

    Heartwise offers support to men & women fighting Heart Disease and the journey to recovery through physical exercise & lifestyle management curriculum's. 


  • Heartwise - Instructors

    D.J O Dywer:

    D.J is a physical  exercise instructor in cardiac rehabilitation (British Association Cardiovascular Prevention & Rehabilitation) N.C.E.F Level 1 & 2 (Dublin City University) Physical fitness strength & conditioning for sport (Setanta Collage) D.J spent four years with Munster development squads and Tipperary GAA Teams before specialising in exercise for cardiac rehabilitation. He has being working as a cardiac rehabilitation specialists for the last two years.   

    Sarah O Dwyer

    Having completed her training as a fitness instructor with Setanta College Sarah went on to qualify as an exercise and lifestyle manager for people with Coronary Heart Disease.   Sarah has been working with Heartwise as a Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist since January 2016.


    Recovery after a cardiac procedure

    Getting back on the road to recovery after a cardiac procedure can be different for everyone.

    That's why Heartwise will design a health program exclusively for you. Following a referral from your cardiologist, cardiac nurse or your GP, Heartwise will provide a one to one consultation to create a health management program just for you. Our BACPR qualification, expertise and experience in this field will ensure a safe, tailor made program to suit your needs.


    Heartwise is directly linked to the Cardiac Centre at Clonmel General Hospital and all Heartwise instructors are fully qualified and certified by the British Association of Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation (BACPR).


    Weight Management

    There is a strong link between obesity and coronary heart disease.  Our weight management curriculum is a huge success in helping people loose weight and reduce the risk of getting heart trouble.

    This is not about taking fancy diets or diets you don't like.  We teach you how to eat sensibly and by attending our classes twice weekly you will benefit greatly from an improved quality of life.

    The exercise program is adapted to suit everyone's fitness level. You only progress on to the next level when you are ready to do so.  

    Each program is instructed in very professional manner whilst having great fun as we go. 


    Coronary Care

    Here at Heartwise in Clonmel we specialise in exercise and lifestyle management for people suffering from coronary heart disease.

    Our exercise classes are tailor made to suit your fitness levels which we can discover very easily.


    Our primary objective is to improve the quality of your life through the development of your health and fitness levels.

    Each instructor is highly trained and qualified to design and implement safe exercise work outs specifically for people with coronary heart disease. So if you have suffered a cardiac arrest or undergone a cardiac procedure, Heartwise is a service that makes the transition from hospital rehabilitation to everyday living as easy as possible. 

    Diabetes Treatment Plan

    When you have Diabetes physical exercise is a most important tool of your treatment plan. If you stay fit and active throughout your life you'll be able to control your Diabetes better and keep your blood glucose level in order.

    Exercise can help people with type 2 Diabetes and avoid long term complications associated with Diabetes, especially heart trouble. People with Diabetes are susceptible to blocked arteries which can lead to all kinds of health issues.

    Exercise helps keep your heart healthy and strong. Each class lasts an hour and participants exercise at a level of their fitness and comfort.

    ---To arrange a consultation call D.J on number provided--- 

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    Benefits of Exercise

    D.J & Sarah will introduce you to a gentle exercise that's suitable for your fitness levels and requirements. All are welcome and at the moment there is a wide range of age groups attending classes from 50 TO 80 YEARS OLD. Level and effort will progress over time.


    Strengthens the Heart - Reduces Angina - Lowers risk of Heart attack - Lowers blood pressure - Improves cholesterol levels  - Reduces risk of irregular heart beats - Reduces the narrowing of arteries - Helps control body weight and shape - Improves flexibility - Helps control sugar levels - Lowers risk of Colon and Breast Cancer - Reduces stress and anxiety and much much more through the proper exercise channels here at Heartwise. 


  • Heartwise - Cardiac rehabilitation Diabetes and Weight Managment Clonmel Tipperary

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  • Heartwise

    Educate ~ Motivate ~ Activate 

    D.J O Dywer and the team at Heartwise offers total support to men and women as they undertake the journey to recovery after a cardiac episode and to help people prevent heart disease.

    Through physical Exercise and Lifestyle Management we offer program-mes which focus on nutrition, stress management, relaxation and more assisting in Coronary Care, Diabetes prevention and Weight Management.

    Heartwise offers a life changing experience helping people to recover after cardiac arrest, loose weight, regain energy and motivation while meeting new people as you change your lifestyle and get Heartwise.