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Glengoole Plants Online are an online retailer of Roses. We are based in Glengoole Co; Tipperary. 

We deliver bareroot & potted roses anywhere in Ireland by An Post. Customers can call to collect by arrangement only. We do not offer a walk in service. You can also meet us at certain market fairs throughout the year. 

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If you are looking for a particular rose and we don't have it displayed on our online stores.  We may have it in stock or can source it through our suppliers. Please call 0858828271 for information.

While the core of our online business is retailing roses online. We may stock a range of other plants & garden supplies which can be seen on Glengoole Plants Online Stores.  We also stock a range of trees which can be collected by arrangement only.


Sreat planters - Mini landscaping - Container/basket filling - Grave planters - Grave planting/maintenance 

I would be more than happy to discuss any questions you may have on 085 8828271 or email You can also text a question on the bulletin board to the right of this page.

Please Note: Please allow up to 7 working days delivery time for online purchases. Pyments also taken by Revolut, Paypal & Postal orders

Thank you for visiting.

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Glengoole Plants

Glengoole Plants

Seed potatoes in stock soon

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Glengoole Plants

Native Hazel Nut tree in stock. 15ltr pot

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Amsdan Peache trees in stock. Fruits in Irish climate

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Elsanta Strawberries in stock. Great cropper in maiden year.

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Look out for shrubs coming online soon. :-)

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National Tree Week 2021
Sat 21st March to Sun 27th March

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History Of the Rose:

The rose is the undisputed world champion of flowers.  The rose is grown in every part of the world that the climate allows.  Thankfully we have the right climate here in Ireland. There are thousands and thousands of rose varieties world wide. In Ireland the most commonly roses to be grown are climbing roses, hybrid teas, floribundas & ground cover roses.  There are also Climbers, Ramblers, Scramblers, Patio Climbers, Mini roses,  Shrub Roses, Modern Shrub Roses, Old Fashioned Roses, English Roses etc.  Roses are dated back as far as 35million years ago according to fossil evidence.  There goes the myth that roses are hard to grow.  They really are a cherished classic for years upon years.  Roses derive from about 100 species of roses, few of which are grown today. Most of our modern garden roses are hybrids but there are still a few species roses in cultivation. Roses only became popular here in the 1800's when roses from China were crossed with European cultivars.  Enter the repeat flowering, colourful, elegant forms we have today. Different roses are bred by rose breeders all over the world. Roses are used for cut flowers, spiritual, medicinal, culinary, perfume, matters of the heart, decorations and much more.

Seen across in photo is "Buff Beauty" which stands in the Old Garden Rose group.  "Buff Beauty" is a Hybrid Musk which has Rosa multiflora & the musk rose in the breeding.

Note: Some experts say the The Hybrid Musk was developed too late to be included in the Old Garden Rose group.

Products & services

The key nutrients roses require: 

Roses are hungry plants and very greedy.  They don't like sharing with other plants.  They like plenty nutrients in the soil.  If your roses lack any of the main nutrients, more than likely the  growth will be weak, the leaves may be small but also discoloured or pale and flowering will be poor.  The rose then becomes more open to diseases and pests.  To get the most from your rose display,  just feed them.

N - P - K

Nitrogen: Encourages the growth of stems & leaves.

Phosphorus/Phosphate: Encourages root development in newly planted roses. Also beneficial to more established roses.

Potassium/Potash: Good for the bud and bloom.  It also helps to harden out new soft growth, making foliage firm and more resistant to disease.  Also helps in the fight against bad weather. 

Roses require other beneficial nutrients and trace elements such as magnesium, sulphur, iron etc.  We recommend a granular feed twice a year, just as the growth is starting in early spring. Apply again just after the first wave of blooms which is generally in mid summer. 

Note: Liquid feeds that are diluted down are an additional boost during the growing season.  Use one high in potash.  This feeding process is just a short term tonic only.  It is washed from the soil easily or absorbed by the plant quickly.  


Products & services

Sales conditions:
Plants leaving our base are believed to be in good condition.
When your delivery arrives please check your goods carefully and contact us with
any queries within 3 days. Please take and send pictures by WhatsApp to 0858828271. We do not guarantee the further growth, flowering or yield of plants once delivered due to the fact that the care and husbandry after delivery is beyond our control. We shall accept no liability for
any latent diseases which may be present but not detected at the time of sale. We can cannot guarantee next day delivery when shipping out.  Once the purchase is posted it is out of our control however you will have a tracking number to follow your purchase.