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FOR YOU TOO is a business whose purpose is to change people’s lives positively every day.

My aim is to make a positive difference in as many people’s lives as I can thorough the fields of nutrition, fitness & motivation

My objective is to inspire and lead people to consciously and subconsciously eat and live healthily and in turn inspire others around them.

How? Using 20 years of expert experience in the food industry, with powerful hypnotherapy techniques, re educating and re training what we know about food, exercise plans for all levels and a unique motivational process to ensure long term success.

Using techniques that will both alter and remain constant in each client’s life over the short, medium & long term. Through education, teaching, & tapping into sub consciousness we will work to help you change your life forever.

I believe the key to a long and healthy life is nutrition. Keeping active is vital also but we must first get the nutrition right and for the right reasons. Then we can introduce the correct exercise for you.

The key to success in health & nutrition and also personal & professional success i believe lies in motivation and forming the correct motivations and channelling these in the right way.

So what exactly do I offer?

Weight management programs like you have never seen before. They not only work but will positively change your life and your outlook on life forever. All of my programs are based on scientific evidence, there is no secret or magic formula and i universally recommend it to everyone.

                These programs include:

  • Individual consultation consists of two visits totalling 3hours of one on one time plus personalised meal plans, recipes, videos, access to the websites and social media open forum platform. Where almost every food question and issue can be solved.

The first 14 days are key and so the two sessions are structured in such a way as to maximise the benefit to the client. In the first session we focus on the client history, goals, food preferences, discovering your core motivations and re educating you on the truth about food. The second session is more about compounding the motivation and ensuring that you have the tools to eat well and live healthily over the long term..

  • 4 week Lower your blood pressure & cholesterol course (4 week course €50 group course)

lose pounds while doing so and get active: specifically targeted at our aging population. Many of our ailments are completely reversible and manageable through a correct diet and through a change of mindset.

  • 5 week change your eating habits forever and get fit. (5 week course €100 5 person course)

This is the ultimate group course. It is not easy at first as it will challenge many of your eating habits and beliefs and needs you to be focused and committed. The results are as follows: lose of weight and gaining control of your weight and size, a healthier cardiovascular system, knowledge of how to eat and an inspiration to continue many of the principles that you learn. A healthier relationship between you and food.

  • Elite sports nutrition consultation
  • Once off Talks & demonstrations for clubs, teams, schools and groups €50 talk and €200 demonstartion


Pillars of all my courses and of my individual consultancy                

  1. Re-education and understanding of the truth about food.
  2. Plant based Meal plans, recipes and videos
  3. Motivational management: Realigning of your mind process and subconscious thought through hypnotherapy, also you will embark on your journey of finding your true motivations and using these to motivate you when things are tough or hard and also to help you have more and more of the days where you can take on the world, set your goals and achieve them consistently
  4. Clear and simple exercise plans, conditioning and training for the most sedentary to the elite athlete.
  5. Group forum where we chat solve problems share our highs and lows our inner demons and generally help each other get through and remain focussed. Something i have learnt is that no problem is too big once shared. I fully belie that by forming an online community through the website or social media with like minded people we can motivate each other and answer any question and solve most problems. A problem shared is a problem halved.
  6. Continued access to members in the website to daily and weekly articles, links talks, videos, recipes, new meal plans etc.


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Kevin O Regan

Kevin O Regan

Kevin O Regan

Kevin O Regan

Products & services

Live longer, stronger and healthier

Are you completely happy with your health and fitness? Are you sluggish, find it hard to sleep, feel bloated after eating? Have you got high blood pressure, high cholesterol, are you overweight, or have diabetes or on the road to getting it? All of these illnesses are traits of our busy lives, poor eating habits and are completely preventable and reversible. Feeling awesome everyday is simply a choice you need to make.

I have both studied and implemented my style of nutrition, fitness & illness prevention and it is very simple. We must get our bodies working for us and to do that we need to bring it into a state of balance.

Our western diets are loaded with processed and acidic foods, meats, fats and white carbohydrates. When we should be eating whole plant foods.  Vegetables and complex carbohydrates (meaning carbohydrates that are unprocessed, whole. Like skin on potatoes, brown rice, beetroot, carrots, quinoa, amaranth) need to be making up the majority of our plate, we need to increase our fibre intake and the idea of fresh is best. We need to drink more water and that’s pretty much it.

The advice is give is simple, scientifically proven advice that when applied will improve the quality of our lives dramatically while also alleviating the risk of these preventable chronic illnesses we all seem to be dying from in the west. We move our bodies from being in constant risk of gene manipulation and acidic fire fighting to being a mean antioxidant fighting machine,

There is no magic trick just an evidence based approach.

Eat a diet of whole plant based foods avoiding dairy, eggs, animal proteins and processed foods.

When we eat foods that are whole grains, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, seeds & some nuts we can dramatically reverse the effects and the symptoms of the many chronic illnesses plaguing our society. We will also lose weight, have way more energy, no more bloating, the gas will be all but gone, sleeping becomes better resulting in better form and again more energy, your skin improves and your all round wellness will begin to snowball in the right direction.

We are all faced everyday with impossible challenges regarding our diet and the food we eat. The way food is marketed, advertised and packaged it is nearly impossible to tell what is truly healthy and what is simply bad for us.

Products & services

Sugar is the Devil

Sugar makes your organs fat
A diet high in sugar, and fructose, a common sugar-like food additive, triggers your liver to store fat, which can lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease – a condition rarely seen prior to 1980.

What you can do: check the labels on foods – especially biscuits, cereals, fruit juices, snack bars and yoghurt – and opt for ones that contain little or no fructose.

It can lead to heart disease
Chronically high insulin levels cause the muscle cells around each blood vessel in your arteries to grow faster than normal, leading to high blood pressure.

What you can do: count the grams of sugar you’re consuming and aim to stick to the daily limit: 20g for women, 36g for men, 12g for children.

It plays havoc with cholesterol levels 
Recent studies show people consuming the highest level of added sugars also recorded the biggest spike in levels of unhealthy cholesterol, and the lowest levels of healthy cholesterol levels.

What you can do: eating protein-rich eggs for breakfast helps combat sugar cravings.

It’s linked with Alzheimer’s disease
US research linking insulin resistance and high fat diets to Alzheimer’s portrays the condition as a metabolic disease where the brain’s ability to process glucose is damaged.

What you can do: avoid sweet, fatty foods.

It turns you into an addict
Sugar triggers the release of chemicals – opioids and dopamine – that activate the brain’s pleasure centre. It doesn’t take long to acquire a tolerance, meaning you need larger doses.

What you can do: cut down on the sweet stuff and allow at least a week for your taste buds to adjust. To get over the hump, try eating smaller meals more often and, if you can’t fight the craving, opt for a sweet treat of no more than 150 calories. Nuts, fruit and unsweetened popcorn are also healthier options.

It disables your appetite control
Fructose acts negatively on the leptin hormones that tell your brain when you have eaten enough. A high fructose diet can you leave you feeling hungry even when you’re overeating.

What you can do: walk it off. Brief exercise, such as a 15-minute walk, has been shown to help reduce sugar cravings.

It can make you depressed
Apart from the fact it takes just 30 minutes to go from a sugar rush to a crash, long-term junk and sugary food consumers face an almost 40 per cent higher risk of developing depression than healthy eaters.

What you can do: take an honest look at your diet, figure out exactly how much sugar you’re consuming and aim to limit your intake and make healthier choices.