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My name is Pat Kerwick AKA  "FESTY  as I'm known to my family, friends and on the GAA pitch, I am a guitarist, Singer and one man Band based in Tipperary.

Welcome to my personal Website on Nakoo

Music has been a passion of mine since an early age in my life. I play all sorts of music to all age groups and music lovers.

Much of my music echoes Country and Western, Rock N Roll, Irish Ballads, Pop and different music genres.

Artists I cover include Garth Brooks, Kenny Rodgers, The Beatles, Bob Dylan and all modern bands.  I play for all occasions such as 21st, anniversary's, after wedding bashes, pubs, clubs and charity gigs. 

I also had the privilege of singing in The Hogan Stand Croke Park in 2010 after Tipperary winning the All Ireland  Hurling Final. 

In recent times I made a CD called "The Galtee Mountain Boy" - I am a vailable to play any night of the week but advance booking is advised. My direct nakoo address is

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Leonard Lacey


Looking to know how much you would be to play in Wexford on the 23rd December?

lorraine kennedy

how much too play for a 40th birthday party in toomovara on may 6th


Hi I just want to enquire what are your rates for playing at birthday parties and do you travel.

Products & services


My equipment is a  1000w emx5016cf Yamaha mixer which creates that acoustic sound and atmosphere  for all venues. 

Yamaha's sound is louder, clearer & of much better quality than most other mixers.  The EMX5016CF is a really well thought out bit of kit & has all I need for pretty much any small/medium gig.

The EMX5016CF has up to 16 inputs (max 12 mic inputs), and delivers a 1000 watts (500w per side stereo)

An impressive power output of 500 watts per channel means it can handle fairly large audiences, indoors or out. The EMX5016CF goes considerably beyond the standard definition of powered mixer, entering the realm of serious sound reinforcement.

Products & services


There is nothing I like more than playing my favourite music to a packed dance floor. Hearing people sing a long, let off the odd whoopee, requesting their Favourite tune, this all adds to the atmosphere of the night.


I can also become a DJ spontaneously /instantly  keeping the fun and party going throughout the night. Once again I can express my passion for music with all the top hits let it be rap, hip - hop, reggae, rave, contemporary or simply your choice.  

You can get details of prices and duration of music by contacting me on 087-2193675.

Products & services

Country and Western

This music  originated in the rural regions of the  Southern United States  in the 1920s.   It's often called the Hill Billy music or cowboy ballad. Some of the songs are the most requested music to play whilst out gigging. I sing hit songs by Jonny Cash and Garth Brooks and many more.

Rock N Roll

No better music to get the show on the road. Rock N Roll is a combination of music genres from the 1950s America. All the artists and songs are so different. Rock N Roll can be enjoyed by all. I like playing these hits at the height of the party.

Quote  “Rock and roll keeps you in a constant state of juvenile delinquency.” Eddie Spaghetti - 2000


Pop music is taken from the charts. I'm constantly refreshing and sourcing new hits. It's appealing to the general audience and very easy dance to. It's the most popular of of modern day music and theme's.

Irish Ballads

The audiences love Irish rebel songs and to be honest their my favorite. The music dates back centuries in Ireland and the songs are sung by Irish at home and abroad. The lyric's deal with historical events such as uprisings and war. The sadness of emigration and famine times. The determination of our valiant heroes and those who died for the cause.