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Welcome to the English Language Hub - the online English language service dedicated to teaching excellence and successful learning outcomes for working professionals.

The English Language Hub offers the following services: 

  • One-to-one structured English Language lessons which are designed precisely to your own language needs.Benefit: structured lessons help you to achieve maximum progress based on your requirements and personal learning style in each lesson.
  • One-to-one planned English Language lessons help you to develop the practical tools and skills to use English effectively in your working and social life.Benefit: planned lessons help you to direct and maximise your study time between lessons.


I offer the following  

  • English Language Assessment:  Assessing your proficiency in general and business English.

  • English Language Focus:  Lessons structured to meet your particular English language needs.

  • English Language Programme:  I will work with you to develop your English language skills in all of the following areas:

- Listening - how to listen effectively, reflect on what is  being said and respond appropriately.

- Speaking - how to speak clearly, accurately and confidently.

- Pronunciation - how to develop tone, rhythm and flow when speaking.

- Writing - how to write effectively, using the correct grammar, vocabulary, spelling and punctuation.


 Call Mary on 083 453 119 or email: englishlanguagehub@hotmail.com

to arrange a lesson.


Thank you for choosing the English Language Hub. 

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Solange massi

Great professionalism, customised lessons. I really enjoyed my lessons and achieved good results.

English Language Hub

English Language Hub

English Language Hub

Products & services

Established in 2018, my English Language Hub is a unique online teaching service offering an inclusive learning programme dedicated to working professionals who wish to improve and advance their English language skills.

I am a qualified English Language Teacher with many years experience both in the Education and Corporate sectors. 


Key benefits of my English Language learning programme for working professionals:

  • Gain the confidence to communicate fluently through English.

  • Participate on equal terms in meetings, negotiations and presentations.

  • Develop accuracy in using grammar and vocabulary in context.

  • Analyse information in written documents.

  • Write reports, emails, letters and presentations.

  • Communicate effectively on the telephone and via video conferencing.