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Welcome to the English Language Hub! The online English language service dedicated to teaching excellence and successful learning outcomes for working professionals.

The English Language Hub provides a learning experience which is:

Positive - Everyone can learn English effectively!

  • One-to-one structured lessons offer you a programme which is designed precisely to your own unique language requirements.
  • Structured lessons will help you to achieve maximum progress based on your needs and personal learning style in each lesson.

Inclusive - Knowing about English is not enough!

  • One-to-one planned lessons help you develop the practical tools and skills to use English successfully in your working and social life.
  • Planned lessons have the benefit of directing and maximising your study time between lessons.  

Focused - English is the language of Business communication!

  • One-to one English for Specific Purposes (ESP) lessons will help you to focus on English for workplace communication.
  • ESP Lessons help you to clarify your career goals, excel in your job, perhaps achieve a promotion, and explore future career opportunities.



As a Teacher dedicated to enabling each client to speak the English language with confidence, I would be pleased to assist you reach your full potential in these specialised areas of language and personal development. 

Thank you for choosing the English Language Hub 

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English Language Hub

English Language Hub

English Language Hub

Products & services

Established in 2018, the English Language Hub is a unique online teaching service offering an inclusive learning programme dedicated to working professionals who wish to improve and advance their English language skills.

Lessons are provided by a highly qualified English Language Teacher with many years experience both in the Corporate and Education sectors.

The English Language Hub learning programme for working professionals:

  • Language Assessment: Assessing your proficiency in general English and English for Specific Purposes (ESP).
  • Language Focus: Lesson content is designed precisely to your requirements. Ideal for those who need to improve their English Language skills for specific purposes.
  • Programme Overview: One-to-one lessons for personal progress in all of these essential language skills:
  • Listening: observe, reflect, respond
  • Speaking: clarity, accuracy, fluency
  • Pronunciation: sound, tone, rhythm, flow
  • Writing: spelling, grammar, punctuation


Key benefits of the English Language Hub learning programme for working professionals:

  • Gain the confidence to communicate fluently
  • Participate on equal terms in meetings, negotiations and presentations
  • Develop accuracy in grammar, vocabulary and idioms
  • Analyse information in written documents
  • Write reports, emails, letters and presentations
  • Participate effectively on the telephone or via video conferencing

To help you achieve these goals, the English Language Hub also offers a Personal Development Support Service.

Providing expertise in:

  • Career planning and development
  • Jobs Market research
  • Professional Curriculum Vitae (CV) and Cover Letter writing
  • Application Forms - completing and processing
  • Preparing for Interviews
  • Responding to offers of Employment

Key benefits of the English Language Hub, Personal Development Support Service:

  • Links the English Language Service directly to the workplace environment
  • Provides one-to-one mentoring for Career planning and development
  • Develops communication skills for the Job Application process
  • Prepares candidates for the Job Interview process
  • Supports each client throughout this process