Dunnes Farm Store and More - Farm Supplies, Hoof Care Specialists, Windgap, Co Kilkenny Ireland


Welcome to Dunnes Farm and More based in Callan, Co Kilkenny, Ireland. We specialize in farm supplies and services throughout Ireland.

Providing all aspects of farming requirements.

Farm Services - Hoof Care - AI - Freeze Branding - Castration - De-Horning - Metricheck/Washing Out

Farm Tools - Sealey - JBM - Clarkes - Power Tools - Corded Power Tools - Cordless Power Tools - Power Tool Accessories - Hand Tools - Air Tools

Lubricants/Oils - Morris Oil - WD-40 - Duck Oil

Farm Clothes - Wellington Boots - Rain Gear - Regatta - Delta Plus - Makita

Poutry Supplies - Housing/Runs - Fencing/Netting - Drinkers - Feeders - Health And Hygiene - Poultry Solutions - Poultry Supplements - Hentastic Chicken Treats - Verm-X - Extras - Incubation And Rearing

Other - Auto Parts - Tyre Sealant - Animal Remedies - Safety products - Loading Equipment - Welding Supplies - Rent free Gas Cylinders

We also service Tipperary, Kilkenny, Waterford, Carlow and Waterford.

Farm supplies ON LINE STORES available soon. Call Luke Dunne on 086 3055853 for more information and delivery of items.

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Luke Dunne

Farm Clothing

Luke Dunne

Lubricants & Greases

Luke Dunne

AI Services

Products & services

Hoof Care Specialists

Dunnes Farm Stores and more specialize in Animal Hoof Care:

  • Turn Over Crate Used For Quick Reliable Service
  • All Work Guaranteed 
  • Fully Qualified
  • Fully Insured
  • Great Discounts For Full Herd
  • Routine Trimming

Call Luke Dunne For A Free Quote Today - 086 3055853 dunnefarmservices@eircom.net

Providing all your farm requirements.

Products & services

A.I Service and Areas - Full A.I Service covering:

  • Callan
  • Windgap
  • Nine Mile House
  • Grangemockler
  • Mullinahone
  • Cloneen
  • Fethard
  • Drangan
  • Killinaule
  • Ballingarry
  • The Commons And Surrounding Area Fully

We are fully qualified and insured to give all our customers peace of mind. References Available on request.

Dunnes Farm Stores and More Also Sell A.I Straws For The D.I.Y Market.

Products & services

Castration Services Available:

From Calf To Year Old Bulls - Teagasc Trained - We are Fully Insured

Freeze Branding Services available:

Covering All Areas For Big Herds - All Work Guaranteed - Fully Insured

Calf De-Horning Service:

Teagasc Trained - We are Fully Insured

Call Luke Dunne for further information - 086 305 5853

Products & services

Metricheck And Washing Out Service:

  • Check Your Cows For Dirt
  • With Metricheck
  • Dirty Cows Washed Out
  • We are Fully Insured 

All farm services catered for, covering areas in Kilkenny, Offaly and Tipperary

Products & services

Farm Clothing Supplies

Wellingtons - To Suit All Feet, From The People Who Live In Them To The People That Only Throw Them On The Odd Hour. The following is a list of stock:

Stock - Heavy Duty - Dunlop Purofort + - Dunlop Purofort + Full Safety - Dunlop Purofort + Rugged - Dunlop Purofort + Rugged Full Safety - Dunlop Purofort Ladies Sport - Dunlop Purofort Professional - Dunlop Purofort Professional Full Safety -  Dunlop Purofort Thermo + 

Rain GearWe Have A Wide Selection Of Rain Suits/Gear Available, For Those Just Nipping Out And Those Who Are Out For The Day

Stock - Children's Coverall - Duotex Heavy Duty Apron - Duotex Light Apron - Flexothane Bib and Brace - Flexothane Boilersuit - Flexothane Calving Gown - Flexothane Jacket with Detachable Lining - Flexothane Leggings - Flexothane Long Coat - Flexothane Trousers - MAKITA Rainsuit

Regatta wear

Stock -  Regatta Dover Classic Fleece Lined Jacket - Regatta Thor 111 Classic Fleece - Regatta Hardwear Holster Trousers - Regatta Premium Work Trouser - Regatta Pro Black Sitebase Fleece - Regatta Premium Base T-Shirt - Regatta Pro Seismic Fleece - Regatta Pro Belt - Regatta Pro Knee Pads - Regatta Pro Fleece Hat - Regatta Classic 3 Packs Socks - Regatta Generator 3-In-1 Jacket - Regatta X-Pro Marauder Jacket - Regatta X-Pro Repeller Softshell - Regatta Rockstone Bodywarmer

Products & services

Star Gas 

"Ireland's only rental free industrial gas bottles"

  • Industrial Oxygen
  • Acetylene Alternative
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Carbon Dioxide Liquid
  • Argon UniWeld Plus
  • Argon AluWeld Plus
  • Argon StainWeld Plus
  • Helium Gas
  • Air Conditioning Gas
  • MIG Argon+5
  • TIG Argon Pure
  • Maxi-Map
  • Portapack


Products & services


We have a wide range of poultry houses available. Houses To Suit 3 Chickens To House For 6 Chickens. We Have All Your Fencing Requirements To Keep All Vermin Out And All Your Stock In.

  • Housing/Runs
  • Fencing/Netting
  • Drinkers
  • Feeders
  • Health And Hygiene
  • Incubation And Rearing
  • Poultry Accessories

 We Have A Wide Range Of Drinkers Availble To Minimise Your Work And Maximise Water For Your Birds.

Products & services

Loading Equipment

  • Pallet Trucks

2000Kg Industrial Pallet Truck - 2000Kg Industrial Pallet Truck - 2T Heavy Duty Pallet Truck - 2T Eco. Pallet Truck - 2T Heavy Duty Pallet Truck + - 2.5 Tonne Heavy Duty Pallet Truck - 2.5T Heavy Duty Pallet Truck - 1½T High Lift Pallet Truck - 1½T High Lift Pallet Truck +

  • Sack Trucks
  • Straps