DK Removals - Furniture Removal Business, Cashel Tipperary Munster

DK Removals - Furniture Removal Business, Cashel Tipperary Munster

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    Hi, we are Kieran and Martina of DK Removals specialising in all types of content moves based in Cashel Co, Tipperary, Munster, Ireland.

    We take on work in Tipperary, Munster, Leinster, Nationwide & UK destinations. 

    For a free competitive quote call Kieran or Martina on 087 9434633 or email

    Alternatively leave a message with contact details in the Query Panel provided.

    House Deliveries - House Clearance - Home Relocation - Apartment Moves - Furniture Removal - Office Relocation - Office Content Relocation
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    Home Delivery by DK Removals is a specialty so if you need anything in your home moved then call DK Removals.

    Example of items we move:

    • Electric appliances 
    • Electronics & electronic equipment
    • Sporting equipment
    • GYM equipment
    • Garden furniture
    • Fuel and fuel containers
    • Kids playing items
    • outdoor equipment
    • household plants

     If you’re in doubt as to whether an item or items can be moved or not just give us a call on 087 9434633 and we’ll be able to let you know straight away.



    Office & Home Relocation by DK Removal

    We can move a full range of contents typically found in the home of office including:

    • IT equipment
    • Filing cabinets
    • Business documents
    • book cases
    • Desks and general office furniture.
    • All home furnishings
    • Garden items

    DK Removals handles a range of light removal jobs. We can move large appliances, furniture and fragile items at very reasonable prices.

    DK Removals guarantees to, at all times, offer a confidential, friendly and reliable service.



    Light commercial service by DK Removals

    At DK Removals we offer an affordable and convenient light commercial delivery service.

    Whether you need to have small envelopes and packages delivered or need multiple boxes and goods moved we can assist, taking the stress and strain of not knowing how you are going to get that delivery to its destination from you. It’s one less thing for you to worry about.

    DK Removals can ensure a professional and confidential service, that is fully insured, ensuring your contents are secure whilst in transit.

    Just give Kieran a call on 087 9434633 or fill out a the contact form on the side of the page on our main website.

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    Furniture removal by DK Removals

    One of the most important items in your home that needs removal by a professional is furniture.

    Your furniture can be very expensive, of great sentimental value while also being bulky and difficult to manipulate.

    American Fridges - Kitchen Furniture - Bedroom Furniture - Sitting/Living Room - Attic/Celler content - Garden Content

    DK Removals is a fully insured, professional removals company that can handle all your furniture removal and relocation needs.

    If you need flat-pack furniture delivered from well known furniture retailers, just look at our post on the issue on our main website. No furniture removal job too big or too small.



    House clearance by DK Removals 

    DK Removals specializes in House Clearance removals. We can accommodate your needs whether it is a partial or an entire house clearance. You can be assured that you are dealing with a fully insured company and that your goods will be handled in a professional manner with appropriate care.

    Once the client has made contact, we will discuss the exact requirements of the house clearance in full. We will then call to the property to asses and evaluate the job.

    For all your House Clearance needs please do not hesitate to contact Kieran and Martina on 087 9434633 or e-mail You can also leave a message on the panel provided to your right.

  • DK Removals - Furniture Removal Business, Cashel Tipperary Munster

    Boytonrath New Inn,Cashel Co Tipperary,

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  • DK Removals is a family run business in South Tipperary, guaranteeing a reliable, professional, confidential and efficient service for all your delivery or removal needs. Our aim is to provide a service tailored to suit your individual requirements.

    At DK Removals we take huge pride in taking the up most care of your goods in transit, hence, providing a safe and secure service.

    DK Removals is a fully licenced, insured and registered business. DK Removals is a fully licensed, insured and registered business. Our ‘goods and carrier’ liability policy ensures that our clients contents are safe and secure whilst in transit.

    We can be of assistance for - Home Deliveries - Furniture Removals - Office or Home Relocation - Light Commercial moves

     DK Removals for all your removal needs in South Tipperary. 

    If you’re looking for a quote for any light removal job, just give Kieran a call on 087 9434633 or leave contact details in panel provided to your right.

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