DK Fuels - Coal and Gas, Irishtown, New Ross


We are DK Fuels and have been delivering fuel in New Ross and the surrounding areas for over 10 years now.

We provide an excellent service fast, friendly and efficient.  As part of our service we put the coal in the bunker and will take away the empty bags if required.

Orders can be taken by phone with payment on delivery or alternatively call to our depot at the Irishtown and arrange your order for delivery.

We stock the very best of solid fuels at a very competitive price such as:

  • Stafford’s Fuels                                                                
  • Euro Fuels
  • MFS Fuels
  • Bord na Mona
  • Calor Gas  (47kg and 34kg)
  • Firewood and Turf  (net bags or ton bags available)
  • Homeheating Oil  (20/25litre drums only)

Please note we only sell from the depot on Fridays and Saturdays.

Please call 087 6636487 and 087 2172969

Our fuels are delivered by friendly & reliable local staff and we always offer competitive prices.

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hi what price of stove coal 2x40kg and kidling 1 bag with delivery in new ross

Pat Harnedy

Price please for 20 bags of Stafford's country blend delivered in New Ross.Also collected price. Thanks.

Pat Harnedy

What is your price for 2o x 40kg bags of Staffords Country Blend delivered in New Ross area.(before the Winter)


Hi how much is your turf per bag deivered and price of the ton bag thank you

Ken O Neill

Hi folks

we are now back delivering door to door as and from today 27th August

For your convenience you can also post an order here on this bulletin board



Ken O Neill

Winter is coming with long cold nights.
We now have in stock:
•Stafford’s Fuels
•Calor Gas
•Bord Na Mona peat briquettes
•Euro Fuels
•MFS fuels

Ken O Neill

Top Tip

To get the best from your coal, be sure you’re using the right type of coal for your appliance.

Ken O Neill

Our fuels are delivered by friendly & reliable local staff and we always offer competitive prices

Products & services

Calor Gas

We stock a wide range of bottled Gas from 4.5kg cyclinder up to 47kg cylinder.

Both propane gas cylinders and butane gas cylinders available.

Don't forget your empty cylinder when ordering.

Products & services

Coal Singles Available in 40kg Bags

15mm/30mm premium grade polish coal.  

Guaranteed to give high heat output and low ash content. Ideal for banking down the fire and heating radiators.

We stock 3 different grades of coal singles:

- Peas - Singles - Back boiler beans.

Please ring staff at DK Fuels for more information.

Products & services

Smokeless Coal

Our smokeless coal is a consistently top performing fuel for your fire.

Its easy to light and burns with a long radiant flame, giving out lots of heat.

To get the best from your coal, be sure you’re using the right type of coal for your appliance.

Turf - The best of Black or Brown turf available delivered in loads to suit your fuel budget.

Turf has provided heat to homes across Ireland for over 2000 years and is a sustainable source of natural fuel that has stood the test of time. Ideal for those cold frosty nights with hot blazes of warmth for your comfort.

Products & services

Smokeless Peat Briguettes

Smokeless peat briquettes are just as suitable for open fires as for stoves, and are easy to light.

Peat briquettes have a long burn time and a high heat output, they are also much drier than turf, so they are easier to light.

Products & services

Stove Coal

Economy coal which gives reasonable heat output and low ash. 100% Scottish coal. 

For best results use in a closed appliance stove.

Available in 40kg Bags

Products & services


Stafford Superior Polish Coal

The premium grade coal with the Superior name which gives a high heat output and low ash content.

This is the highest quality coal available on the market. 

Available in 12.5kg, 20kg and 40kg bags.

Products & services


Premium Polish Coal

Blend of Polish coal and Polish doubles.

This premium grade coal has a high heat output and low ash content.

Available in 40kg Bags