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Local florist based in Waterford. We deliver unique floral designs of both fresh & dry flowers. We do a new bouquet every week. Our beautifully presented dried flowers and wreaths are available for nationwide delivery 

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Products & services

Hand tied Bouquets.

Hand tied Bouquets - These can be quiet difficult to get right, but it is actually very easy. It is made by taking the individual flower stems and arranging them directly into someone's hand to form the arrangement, Once this is complete, myself the florist ties the stems together, the flowers can then be cut to fit into a vase or left long enough to wrap into a ribbon to make a hand tied bouquet. Hand tied bouquets have the look, that a person walked through a flower garden, picked some flowers, tied them up and gave them to a loved one, the flowers can then be either cut to fit into a vase or the stems can be left long enough to form a handle and wrapped in ribbon to make a hand held bouquet.

Florist choice Bouquet Prices.

• Small €30

• Standard €45

• Large €60

• Deluxe €80/ €100

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Products & services

Country Basket Arrangements.

Country basket arrangements - these are a collection of dainty blooms in shades of pinks and whites including roses, germini and lisianthus. The baskets may vary in size, shape or colour. A country basket of flower arrangements looks like you have just picked some beautiful flowers from the garden and arranged them into a basket, that look absolutely devine.

Country Basket arrangements - Prices starting from €40.

Products & services

Double ended coffin spray.

Double Ended Sprays - These double ended funeral sprays are very popular for funeral tributes. These funeral flowers sprays are called double ended due to the fact our funeral florists create them with the flowers pointed at both ends. This gives the funeral flower a diamond shape when seen from above.

Our Casket Double Ended Coffin Spray is a tribute for a casket set in a classic spray design available in a range of colours using our freshest flowers of the day.The classic spray tribute is created using selection of flowers including lilies, carnations, chrysanthemums or roses, complemented by lush greens, they are suitable for the top of a casket.

Double ended coffin spray - Prices starting from €65.

Products & services

Eternal Wreath.

Eternal Wreath - These are a wreath for a loved one, to express how much you loved them, and your devotion to them, this wreath delivers a message that is both subtle and strong. Its soft pastel blossoms are very sooting, with its amazing  beauty, it  will express the depth of your emotions and love. This is also appropriate Wreath/gift sent from a family member or loved one.

Eternal Wreath Prices.

• Standard €40

• large €50

• Deluxe €55

Products & services

Products & services

Products & services

Products & services

Products & services