David Saunders Sports/ Deep Tissue Massage Nenagh

David Saunders Sports/ Deep Tissue Massage Nenagh

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    Treatments offered are

     General injuries €30

    Sports Cupping  1/2 hour €30 or €50 per hour 

    Sports/deep tissue massage 1/2 hour €30 or €50 per hour 



    Hi my name is David Saunders I'm a fully qualified c.i.b.t.e.c sports injury therapist since 2011. I'm also a former Munster and All Ireland champion boxer, because of this I understand the importance of injury recovery and remaining injury free, I understand from my own experiences that regular massage is an important key to injury prevention and reaching peak fitness but not just for sportsperson's but in everyday working life. I have worked in various sporting areas such as hurling football rugby soccer boxing athletics and martial arts ect, these types of treatments are not just limited to athletes and are very beneficial to everybody in every day life. If you have any queries about treatments or injuries feel free to contact me and I would be happy to help you.

    I am living in Nenagh and  so house calls can be arranged for surrounding areas if required 

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    Sports Massage - Full back or part of, e.g. legs.

    This entails a variety of different techniques used to release tension and promote relaxation of the muscles. The massage will improve flexibility and the range of motion, and also help prevent any further or future injury.

    Techniques commonly used:

    (A) NMT – Neuro Muscular Technique

    Using trigger points, this stimulates the release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkiller, and provokes a reflex in the nervous system which aids muscle relaxation. 

    (B) SCS – Strain/counterstrain with NMT

    The major benefit of this technique is its effect on relieving protective muscle spasm that develops around injured areas.

    (C) MET – Muscle Energy Technique

    This is a form of stretching that involves resistive movement to stretch muscles. It hnhiits muscle spindles and golgi tendon organs to allow for increased flexibility.


    (D) CTM – Connective Tissue Manipulation

    This is a form of stretching that releases fluids trapped between the muscle and its fascia. The benefits of this technique are increased pliability and movement of the muscle; reduces scar tissue and adhesions in the muscle and between the muscle and its fascia.

    (E) STR – Soft Tissue Release

    This technique improves flexibility in a specific area of the muscle or tendon. It can be used to pinpoint the area of stiffness in an otherwise flexible muscle when a normal stretch will not do. 


    Deep Tissue Massage – Back/Full Body

    This massage is geared towards releasing tension in the deeper muscles. Similar to Swedish massage but deeper pressure.  

    Some Benefits from this treatment are:

    Release tension in muscles - Improve circulation - Release toxins in the muscles - Improves flexibility and range of motion - Helps prevent injury - Reduces stress

    Hot Stone Massage – Back/full body

    Hot Stone Massage is a deeply relaxing massage which helps relax the body’s muscles and soft tissues, alleviate pain, and improve flexibility and circulation. It also reduces stress.


    There are 7,200 nerve endings in each foot. Reflexology works on areas or points of the foot that correspond to each organ, gland and system in the body. By applying specific pressure to these points and areas, you will help normalise organ function, thereby creating homeostasis.

    Some Benefits of Reflexology:

    Stress reduction - Improved circulation - Stimulates Nerve Function - Improved Immune System - Increased Energy


    Swedish Massage

    This message uses a verity of different techniques specially designed to relax the body, rubbing in the same direction as the blood flow returning to the heart this is a relaxing soothing massage.

    Some of the benefits of Sweedish Massage 

    Releases Tension in the Muscles - Reduces Stress - Improves Circulation - Aids Lymphatic Drainage - Boosts the Immune System 


    Indian Head Massage 

    This is a technique of manipulating soft tissues in the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face this is a deeply relaxing treatment.

    Some of the benefits of Indian Head Massage 

    Relieves muscle tension - Relieves tension headaches - Alleviates stress, promotes relaxation  - Boosts the immune system and Improves circulation

  • David Saunders Sports/ Deep Tissue Massage Nenagh

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  • David Saunders is a former Munster and All Ireland boxing champion.  He also competed in cross country running and relay races for many years. Recently he completed a 2 year CIPTEC accredited health massage course and is now fully certified to offer massage and sports therapy.

    David also works with a number of hurling, football and soccer teams