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Complete Personal Training in Dalkey, Dublin help busy professionals to lose fat and improve nutrition with results focused personal training  from enthusiastic and dedicated professionals. 

Do you struggle to find time for exercise, while juggling family and work and can't seem to beat weekend cravings and weekend bingeing?

Maybe you find it tough to get motivated to exercise and eat right because you have become disillusioned with all the fad diets and exercise regimes that you have tried in the past.

We at CPT, solve these problems for you by providing Complete Fitness Solutions while offering

  • 100% money back guaranteed results
  • Clear Direction
  • Accountability
  • Support

in a supportive environment and community that helps you every step of the way, no matter what your fitness level or starting point.

Our programs offer faster fat loss through uniquely designed AFTERBURN workouts, at our group classes and Semi Private Personal training classes, combined with our Complete Nutrition System that beats the bloat, reduces inflammation and torches fat FAST! 

New - Complete Body and Mind Transformation Retreats to Lanzarote - here we help you Reset - Re-charge and Re-juvinate.


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Darragh - Fitness Coach

Dom - Fitness Coach

Hannah - Office Manager

Products & services

Our Signature Programs

The Complete 6 Week Transformation

A Female only program that combines of our Complete Nutrition System and After burn workouts provides a fool proof plan to get fast results and more importantly sustain them.

The Fit Dads 6 Week Transformation - See the Video Here

A place for dads to workout in a fun, ego free environment. A place where they can lose the belly, get stronger and get healthier under the supervision of an expert coach

The Fit At 50 6 Week Transformation - See the Video Here

A great chance for ladies in there 50’s and 60’s to get back into an exercise program, designed to help them get fit, tighten up, while moving better, getting stronger and fitter at the same time.

At CPT We teach you the sneaky Fat Torching methods that gyms and diet companies don't want you to know, so you stay over weight.

Combined with our 4 CPT Bootcamp locations in South Dublin, giving you a full body workout using our Afterburn system burning calories for up to 48 hours after your workout.

Feel free to try our complimentary 7 Day Sprint, Online program - check it at - Warm regards - Damian